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With thrilling competition and a great deal of risk, race car driving is a sport that is not necessarily for the faint of heart. But to those participants and fans of NASCAR racing, it’s worth it all for the possibility of winning the race. 

Now it’s time to start those engines and get ready to watch those stock cars fly around the racetrack because NASCAR Day is here!

History of National NASCAR Day

When car enthusiasts from all over the country began gathering in Daytona, Florida in the 1930s to participate in and watch stock car races, the rules and prizes were not standardized. In 1948, Bill France, Sr. and a group of others formed a governing body called the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing or NASCAR. The organization led their competitions to eventually become one of the most popular spectator sports in the United States, as well as a multi-billion dollar industry in Canada, Mexico and Europe.

The first NASCAR Day was celebrated in 2003 when it was founded by the NASCAR Foundation to raise awareness for stock car racing while also raising funds to help children with their medical needs. The organization supports two different non-profit foundations, the Speediatrics Children’s Fund and the Betty Jane France Humanitarian Award.

NASCAR Day is a special race day set aside on the third Friday in May where spectators can not only see a race but also participate in the event. Meet-and-greets with drivers, bumper-to-bumper races, raffles and many other activities take place. In addition, a Give-A-Thon is scheduled for the day so that people can make donations to benefit the health of children in their communities.

How to Celebrate National NASCAR Day

Enjoy the fun and excitement of NASCAR Day, whether celebrating from home or heading all the way to Daytona! Participate in the enjoyment with some cool ideas of your own, or get started with some of these:

Attend a NASCAR Race

The perfect way to celebrate NASCAR Day would be to head over to a race track and enjoy the sights and sounds of a speedy stock car race! The excitement is contagious and the crowds can get an exhilarating glimpse of these amazingly fast NASCAR races, live and in person. Plus, there should be extra activities and events in honor of NASCAR Day, such as raffles, games and other fun events.

Can’t seem to get out to see a race in person? That’s okay! Plenty of NASCAR races are broadcast on television and through online sports channels.

Make a Donation to the NASCAR Foundation

The purpose of the NASCAR Foundation is to help kids who are in need of medical care. One excellent way to participate in the purpose of the day could be to make a difference in the life of a child by making a donation. It’s easy to brighten a sick child’s day by donating a Speedy Bear or even donating an old vehicle that can help provide support to children in the racing communities. 

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