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Despite sounding like most parents’ worst nightmare, National Kids Take Over The Kitchen Day is a day which can be both fun and fulfilling. Kids and adults alike can have a great time while growing and developing some important life skills on this day – and all throughout the year! 

History of National Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day

Originally pioneered by the Young Chefs Academy, National Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day is a fun movement with its roots in a serious cause. The day had its initial launch in 2011 and it has been celebrated annually since that time.

Each year on this day, children and teens are encouraged to ‘take over the kitchen’ by involving them in the preparation and planning of the day’s meals (under the supervision of parents/guardians where required!). From this experience, the hope is that these budding master chefs will learn about nutrition and healthy eating habits – the start of a battle against many very serious health issues facing many youngsters today.

Not only does National Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day promise to be a healthy learning experience for each child, the day may also help to foster a tremendous family spirit; and afterwards you might even have acquired a new, regular helper in the kitchen!

How to Celebrate National Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day

Not sure how to get involved with National Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day? Get started with some of these plans and ideas:

Let the Kids Cook

For parents who have older teens, this is a great time to just turn over the spatulas and see what kind of meals they come up with on National Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day. And remind them that they have to clean up too! Parents who have children who are a bit younger can enlist them as a sous-chef but keep a tight rein on what they are doing. From setting the table to preparing the salad, even young children can take on all sorts of responsibilities in the kitchen – not just on this day but make a habit of it every day!

Plan Meals with the Kids

Even younger children who are not ready to be wielding knives or using the hot stove can participate in National Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day by sharing in the meal planning. It’s a great way for them to learn how to choose dishes that are not only tasty, but are also healthy as well. From breakfast and lunch to afternoon snacks and dinner, let the kids have a voice in what they will eat on the day. Remind them that their bodies need energy and nutrition to be able to think and learn, so help them choose plenty of veggies, fruits, protein and fiber!

Choose Some New Kid-Friendly Recipes

One fun way to observe National Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day is to employ some new recipes into the rotation that offer more opportunities for the kids of the family to be involved. From protein pancakes with cottage cheese to oatmeal energy balls, from frozen banana yogurt Popsicles to fruit pizza crackers, the internet is chock full of recipes that are easy for kids to make and also provide important nutritional value as well. 

Grab Some Kids’ Cooking Gear

Perhaps it would be a motivation for kids to spend more time in the kitchen if they have the right equipment. This could include a kid-sized apron and chef’s hat, a small spatula, mini tongs, and other junior cooking items. A quick search online will reveal that many different companies offer cooking tools and utensils that are made just for the kids to be able to help in the kitchen. Offer one of these as a gift for the children of the family in celebration of National Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day.

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