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A tall, icy glass of yellow (or pink!) lemonade is refreshing and terrific no matter what time of year. However, it does have particular benefits when consumed on a super hot, super sticky summer day.

National Lemonade Day celebrates the long-standing tradition of drinking lemonade and opening lemonade stands. It encourages others to celebrate too, by supporting these children in their business. Whether it’s for a charity cause or for that very special thing that child wants to earn for themselves, National Lemonade Day is all about drinking lemonade and having a good time.

Sweet but tart, and perfectly refreshing, National Lemonade Day celebrates everything wonderful about this delicious beverage!

History of National Lemonade Day

Lemonade stands have been a traditional American pastime, but when did this tradition start? Lemonade has always been a popular beverage since its invention, and children benefit from lemonade stands by learning many things about how to open and fun a business.

But it would probably be wise to go back further and start at the beginning with the well-known fruit itself, the lemon! Lemons were originally discovered around 1st century AD when the Romans and Greeks established routes to India, where this yellow, tart citrus fruit is believed to have first originated.

After its discovery in India, the cultivation of lemons began to spread to the Middle East and throughout Southern Europe, where the climate was still hospitable for growing the lemon trees. During this time, lemons were considered a bit of a luxury item in cooking as well as in decoration.

The activity of squeezing the juice from the lemon to make ‘lemonade’ probably happened in the Mediterranean region during the 13th century and was considered medicinal. And it probably didn’t taste sweet the way we expect it today! However, because lemons are so filled with Vitamin C and other healthy nutrients, it is easy to see why it would have been used for its important health benefits.

Lemonade is believed to have been introduced to America by European settlers in the 17th century. It wasn’t until the beginning of the industrial revolution that lemonade stands would become a popular way of teaching children about leadership and money.

National Lemonade Day was founded by Lisa and Michael Holthouse in 2007 to honor the way lemonade stands are a useful tool to teach children about running a business. The tagline says it all: Teaching Kids the Power of Entrepreneurship.

Lisa Holthouse was inspired to create this holiday by a time in her childhood when she wanted a pet turtle. Her father helped her set up a lemonade stand to raise money to buy the animal herself. Since then, over 250,000 children take part in this fun celebration each and every year!

How to Celebrate National Lemonade Day

The celebration of National Lemonade Day can come in all shapes and sizes–from kids to adults! Try these ideas for enjoying the day:

Visit a Lemonade Stand

Support children everywhere by purchasing lemonade from their stands! Purchasing a lemonade can help build the confidence of a child, helping them understand the value of money and even learn lessons about being in a small business.

By purchasing a lemonade, this simple act can potentially inspire future business leaders.

Whether the money is for the child or for a charity, lemonade stands can be a great way to give back to your community. When they experience success children can become inspired to be amazing people. Share this holiday with your friends and family and spread the love for lemonade!

Help a Child Set Up a Lemonade Stand

Throughout the day, children learn valuable lessons about responsibility, finances, and setting goals and the importance of teamwork. People in their local communities support these children by getting a delicious drink in hand.

If you have a child, this might be a great day to help them set up a lemonade stand to teach them about business and money. But people without children can get involved too!

Whether encouraging a family member or neighbor kid, helping a child set up and run a lemonade stand teaches children planning skills, the value of money, patience (when waiting for customers to come!) and the enjoyment of interacting with the public.

Participation in this holiday is free and can be registered through the National Lemonade Day website. Children in cities all throughout US territories and Canada participate, from up north in Alaska to all the way down to Puerto Rico! Kids can add their stand to the map so they can be found by local people in order to drive their business.

After the day, success stories about kids who have made and met goals can be shared on the website for encouragement and inspiration!

Enjoy a Cool Glass of Lemonade

Even if there are no children or lemonade stands nearby, that doesn’t mean National Lemonade Day needs to go unnoticed or uncelebrated! Whether hand squeezing some lemons and adding sugar and water to create a freshly squeezed glass of goodness, or grabbing a lemonade at a local restaurant, participating with an enjoyable beverage is a great way to honor the day!

Some restaurants even offer discounted or free lemonade on the day, often combining the effort with donations to various charities.

Louisiana-based Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers is appreciated for their sweet but tart lemonade, and they have been known to hold charity events related to National Lemonade Day in the past. Red Robin is another American restaurant chain that has celebrated by offering free lemonade samples and giving money to charity.

National Lemonade Day is a great day to enjoy a tall glass of lemonade and do something good for someone else!

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