Quick Facts

First Sunday in May
5th May, 2019
6th May, 2018
7th May, 2017
Founded by
Lisa and Michael Holthouse

Learn about Lemonade Day

Lemonade Day was founded in Houston, Texas by Lisa and Michael Holthouse in 2007. The aim of Lemonade Day is to teach children about starting and running their own business and to encourage them to try it for themselves. Lisa Holthouse was inspired to set up Lemonade Day by an incident from her childhood. She had wanted to buy a turtle as a pet and when her dad refused to pay for it, Lisa set up a lemonade stand outside her house to raise the money to buy the turtle herself.

Lemonade Day aims to help children to do the same and registered children are given all the information they need to set up their own lemonade stand. 250,000 children took part in Lemonade Day across the US and Canada in 2013. Participation in Lemonade Day is completely free and information packs are sent to all children who register.

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