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L. Ron Hubbard Day lights up every March 13, celebrating the birth of a man known for his vast writings and the founding of Scientology.

This special day has caught the attention of many, especially those intrigued by his science fiction works and the beliefs of Scientology.

Why March 13? It marks the day L. Ron Hubbard was born, making it the perfect time to honor his contributions.

He wasn’t just a prolific writer; Hubbard’s ideas laid the groundwork for the Church of Scientology, a movement that has sparked curiosity and debate globally. His literary journey wasn’t confined to religious texts; he explored various genres, crafting stories that still captivate readers today​​​​​​.

People celebrate L. Ron Hubbard Day for several reasons. First, it’s a nod to his role as a groundbreaking author. Hubbard’s tales ventured into the future, offering readers a glimpse into worlds beyond their imagination.

His work in science fiction is particularly cherished, giving us stories that blend adventure with deep questions about humanity and the universe. Moreover, this day is a chance to reflect on his influence in founding Scientology.

Hubbard’s teachings and his established church have left a lasting imprint, inviting followers and curious alike to ponder deeper spiritual and existential questions​​​​​​.

So, L. Ron Hubbard Day is more than a birthday celebration. It’s a day that brings together fans of his literary works and those interested in the philosophical and religious movement he started.

Whether you’re diving into one of his novels or exploring the principles of Scientology, March 13 offers a moment to appreciate the wide-ranging impact of L. Ron Hubbard’s life and legacy.

History of L. Ron Hubbard Day

Every March 13th, L. Ron Hubbard Day celebrates the birth of L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology and a renowned science fiction writer.

This day came to honor Hubbard’s centennial birth, particularly noted in 2011 by Inglewood, California, where city council member Ralph Franklin presented a special tribute to the Church of Scientology​​​​.

Hubbard, born in Tilden, Nebraska, was a prolific author, having written 1,084 fiction and non-fiction works. His contributions span genres, including science fiction, fantasy, adventure fiction, aviation, mysteries, and romance.

Despite his diverse literary contributions, Hubbard is best known for founding the Church of Scientology in the early 1950s, following his book “Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health.”

This book laid the groundwork for Scientology, a movement Hubbard developed based on the idea that humans are essentially immortal spiritual beings (“thetans”) that have forgotten their true nature​​​​​​.

L. Ron Hubbard Day is observed across the U.S., offering an opportunity for Scientology followers and fans of Hubbard’s literary work to celebrate his life and achievements.

Activities recommended for the day include visiting the Church of Scientology to learn more about the faith, participating in international celebrations organized by the Church, and reading Hubbard’s works, starting perhaps with “Buckskin Brigades,” his first published novel​​​​​​.

Scientology, which its adherents describe as a scientific religion, features a structured path of spiritual progression through levels such as pre-clear, clear, and operating thetan.

It also holds unique beliefs, including the idea that human souls have lived on other planets before Earth. Recognized as a tax-exempt religion in several countries, Scientology continues to be a topic of interest and debate worldwide​​​​.

People love L. Ron Hubbard Day for various reasons. Still, key reasons include celebrating Hubbard’s contributions to literature and religion, his imaginative exploration of future possibilities through science fiction, and his legacy as a significant figure in both fields​​.

How to Celebrate L. Ron Hubbard Day

Dive Into the Stories

Why not kick off L. Ron Hubbard Day with a literary journey? Grab one of his science fiction classics or dive headfirst into Dianetics.

Imagine yourself exploring distant galaxies or unraveling the mysteries of the mind. It’s like a treasure hunt on paper!

A Visit to Another Universe

Have you ever considered visiting the Church of Scientology? L. Ron Hubbard Day is the perfect excuse. Wander in with an open mind and a spirit of curiosity.

Who knows? You might find yourself on an unexpected adventure or making new friends with stories to tell.

Share the Adventure

Feeling social? Throw a themed party celebrating Hubbard’s vast universe. Invite guests to dress as their favorite characters from his novels or as explorers of the mind. Share stories, play trivia, or even reenact a scene or two. It’s storytelling brought to life!

Create and Share

Unleash your inner artist by creating something inspired by Hubbard’s works. Write a story, paint a picture, or compose a song. Then, share your masterpiece with the world. It’s a way to honor his legacy and spark your creativity.

Celebrating L. Ron Hubbard Day can be as boundless as the imagination. Whether you’re reading, exploring, sharing, or creating, make it a day of discovery and fun!

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