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Maybe humans can’t fly like birds (yet!), but that doesn’t mean that walking is the only we can get around—with just a little patience and a little work, we can learn to swim like fish, too. Of course, you could live without ever knowing how to swim, but who would want to?

Swimming offers so many benefits that it’s impossible to say that your life would be just as good without it—it builds muscle strength and endurance, improves circulation, helps maintain a healthy weight, alleviates stress and improves both coordination and flexibility, to name but a few.

Not to mention that knowing how to swim can easily save your life or allow you a person to save someone’s life! Learn to Swim Day was created to encourage people all over the world who don’t know how to swim, regardless of age, to finally acquire this incredibly beneficial skill or simply improve on their existing skills.

History of Learn to Swim Day

This little holiday was created in 2012 by ‘Swimways’, now known as ‘Teach Me To Swim’. Its main goal was to provide the opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of water safety as well as teach both children and adults how to swim.

At first, it was just a small event, but soon people began to realize just how important it was to have such a day, especially during the month when many swimming pools open for the summer all over the U.S.A.

Soon, corporations such as Target and Toys”R”Us joined Swimways in celebrating this day by offering promotions on swimwear and learn to swim items, as well as helping to raise awareness about Learn to Swim Day. Nowadays, it seems that more people take part every year, resulting in thousands of people finally mastering this extremely useful skill.

How to celebrate Learn to Swim Day

As you may well have guessed, the best way to celebrate Learn to Swim day would be to learn to swim. It is estimated that in about half of all Americans can’t swim, so if you happen to be a part of this group, this day is the perfect time to change your life for the better!

Don’t be shy, no matter how old you are, there and millions of other people your age who can’t swim, either. So get a bathing suit you feel comfortable in, and make your way down to your nearest pool, and take a few lessons. Learning the basics of swimming is generally considered quite easy for most people.

If you don’t want to take a class from an instructor, you could always ask a friend or relative who swims well to teach you. However, it is extremely important to exercise caution at all times, and take your time practicing in shallow, relatively still water for quite some time before venturing out into less safe territory.

And even when you do learn to swim well enough to feel comfortable in the water, you should never take unnecessary risks, like swimming in areas not monitored by lifeguards, disregarding warning signs, swimming under the influence of alcohol, or diving without first checking the water is at least 9-10 feet deep. You could also host a pool party or make a deal with your children that you will find the time to go swimming together at least once a week.