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Those places I don’t understand, just doing bad food. It takes some doing. Making good pasta is so much easier than making bad stuff. It actually takes quite an effort to make poor linguine pomodoro.

Anthony Bourdain

Linguine is one of the most popular pastas, alongside spaghetti, and can be paired with just about any light and refreshing sauce, such as a shrimp butter garlic sauce or a pesto sauce.

Because it is such a popular type of pasta, there is actually a day dedicated to the invention and love of the linguine pasta, National Linguine Day. For those who want to know more about this kind of pasta, then read more to learn about its history and see how you can celebrate it today.

It’s time for National Linguine Day!

History of National Linguine Day

Linguine is a type of pasta that is oblong in shape and is flatter than spaghetti, but not quite as wide as its cousin, fettuccine. The name “linguine” translates in Italian to “little tongues”–which seems appropriate for such a tasty pasta!

This pasta seems to have first appeared in the 1700’s in Genova, Italy. Giulio Giacchero was an author who wrote about the economy of Genova in the 1700’s. Giacchero first wrote about trenette, a pasta similar to linguine, that was seasoned with pesto, green beans, and potatoes. In his mention of this dish, the author said it was the typical festival dish of Ligurian families of the time.

Italian families would have to make these pasta dishes by hand (as they would not have had pasta machines in their homes yet) and would make the pasta with eggs instead of wheat flour. This type of dish is still popular in the Liguria areas of Italy, even today.

Linguine dishes today are generally served with vegetable or seafood sauces but can certainly be used creatively in different ways as well. In certain parts of Italy, linguine is served with clams, mussels, calamari, or prawns. In other areas, such as Tuscany, this kind of pasta can be made with totoni (a type of squid), shrimp, tomatoes, mussels, creamed salmon, and even pumpkin.

While there are many different kinds of recipes, the pasta itself isn’t traditionally served with heavy sauces because of the shape of the pasta. Today, linguine is mass produced with white bleached flour or whole wheat flour and then dried for easy storage.

Of course, pasta that is made fresh and served right away will taste much better than the dried version. But for this day, any kind of linguine will really do!

How to Celebrate National Linguine Day

Get ready to enjoy National Linguine Day with some of these fun ideas, or come up with your own:

Make Some Linguine Dishes

Those who want to celebrate National Linguine Day can start by creating their own dish with linguine. Get started by making a light version of a seafood or vegetable sauce.

Start with a base of butter and olive oil, and add spices such as garlic, cilantro, mint and Italian seasoning. Then use that base to add whatever seafood or vegetable is desired, such as shrimp, clams, mussels, or prawns. From there, those who want to make it even creamier, can add heavy cream or milk to make the sauce taste even better. A delicious sauce to pour over linguine!

Get Creative with Linguine

Those who want to go beyond the typical fare that is usually paired with linguine should try recipes inspired by these unique ideas (easily found with a quick internet search):

  • Turmeric Rubbed Flank Steak with Linguine and Sweet Peppers. The unique surprise of this dish is the use of turmeric (curcumin) which creates an interesting departure from the typical spices that are usually expected in Italian dishes. 
  • Garlic Linguine with Cabbage and Anchovy. Savoy greens and delicious bread crumbs make this affordable dish something to try again and again. 
  • Linguine with Asparagus and Egg. For lunch, brunch or supper, this delicious dish is a hit–and super easy to pull off! 
  • Spicy Fennel Linguine with Sardines and Capers. While keeping with the seafood theme of linguine, using canned sardines makes this recipe a super simple one to prepare. And the capers add a flavorful touch. 

Watch The Linguini Incident

This early 1990s American crime comedy has garnered a bit of a unique following. Starring the strange but never boring actor, David Bowie, as well as Rosanna Arquette, the film features a story about two disgruntled employees of a restaurant who are up to no good in order to make their personal dreams come true.

And, yes, although the film chooses to spell this venerable pasta’s name with an “i”, this is actually a misspelling. The name of the pasta truly should be spelled with an “e” at the end!

Plan a Trip to Italy

Of course, the pinnacle of ways to enjoy National Linguine Day would, of course, be by eating fresh pasta at a lovely restaurant in Italy! Whether planning to visit Rome, Milan, Florence or Pisa, Italian eateries all over the country are sure to please with traditional linguine dishes that will simply melt in the mouth. While there, don’t forget to end the meal with a delicious cup of gelato or an espresso drink. It’s pure heaven!

Share National Linguine Day With Friends

Honestly, pasta really tastes much better when eaten with a person you love! If you love linguine, then share this holiday on your favorite social media websites to let everyone know what day it is today. Then, invite them to share a plate of this delicious pasta and enjoy their company. It’s a delightful day to enjoy something so simple and delicious!

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