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For those who have always wanted to let their inner milliner shine, what could be a better way to do so than by celebrating Make a Hat Day? This is the day when anyone and everyone can express their creativity and artistic skills through the creation of some fantastic head wear to delight and amaze. 

Whether a person chooses to style a hat for their own use, make one to give to a friend, or sell them for charity, Make a Hat Day gives people the ideal reason they need to make something wonderful!

History of Make a Hat Day

Hats have a history that dates back thousands of years, with possible evidence of head coverings going all the way back to Ancient Egypt and beyond. With practical uses as well as religious symbolism, hats offer all sorts of uses including protection from the sun as well as denoting a certain status in the military.

Modern hats are often used as a fashion accessory, and some hats have even been fashioned to hold a beer! Other distinctive and memorable types of hats might include police hats, fur hats with flaps to cover the ears, Native American feathered headdresses, or even a hat made of fruit courtesy of Carmen Miranda.

Getting its start in the early 2000s, Make a Hat Day has been gaining ground as more and more people participate each year, in places all over the world. Make a Hat Day encourages folks to not only wear a hat that someone else made, but to get involved in the creative process of developing their own style and purpose for the hats that they choose to wear.

How to Celebrate Make a Hat Day

It’s possible to get creative with all sorts of fun ways to enjoy and celebrate Make a Hat Day! Enjoy some of these ideas to get started with:

Make a Hat

The first order of business on this all important day is to do what it says and make a hat! That’s right, Make a Hat Day is meant to bring out the creativity in anyone and everyone. Whether basic or extravagant, anyone can participate by making a hat. Perhaps this means fashioning a piece of headwear from construction paper and glue. Or more serious crafters might want to celebrate the day by crocheting or knitting a hat.

Folks who don’t feel quite as crafty can still participate by purchasing a plain hat and then decorating it with sequins, embroidery, feathers, or other delightful items that can turn a boring hat into something exquisite. Spread the word about Make a Hat Day by making and then wearing a delightful head covering creation, and sharing the photos with friends and family members in celebration of the day.

Host a Hat Party for Make a Hat Day

Kids and adults alike can enjoy celebrating Make a Hat Day by hosting a gathering of friends and family members. Teachers can even make a party out of it at school. The theme of the party? Hats, of course! Perhaps guests can be invited to wear a hat to the party that they have made, or gather craft supplies and encourage guests to make or decorate a hat during the event. At the end, host a fashion show where everyone can show off their clever hat creations! It’s a great time to show some appreciation for creativity and headwear.

Enjoy Make a Hat Day with a Group

Playgroups or school classes may celebrate Make a Hat Day by facilitating a hat creation session. Craft clubs and social groups may also want to do something a little different and make some hats they can wear and display. It’s also an opportunity to produce headgear gifts or even hats to sell. However groups want to mark it, Make a Hat Day is a fantastic chance to have fun.

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