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Lawyers always get a bad reputation for being cold and heartless, but in reality, they’re just people like everyone else. They represent people in the face of the law, help defend those in need, and handle all the minor disputes that most people wouldn’t think about.

Love Litigating Lawyers Day is a day to show appreciation for their efforts to represent people in law and begin changing the way people view lawyers overall.

History of Love Litigating Lawyers Day

Love Litigating Lawyers Day is a day to honor lawyers. Passed by the American Bar Association Practice Council in October 2015, it’s a day for recognizing their efforts in protecting the public good and administration of justice.

The resolution aims at removing the stereotypes that literature has portrayed lawyers as, including those who are heartless, cruel, and don’t care about the after effects of their clients. It also outlines how lawyers have contributed greatly to society by defending people in minor legal cases, resolving disputes, and helping people understand the law better.

A Gallup survey back in 2014 has shown that the perception of lawyers has been increasingly negative, as a total of 21% of surveyors believe that lawyers are truly honest and ethical in their actions.

This holiday, however, also specifically aims its appreciation at litigators, a subsect of lawyer that litigation law. Litigation law refers to rules and practices to help resolve disputes in court and is most often associated with tort cases. Litigation, however, can be applied in all kinds of cases, and a litigation attorney helps see through a lawsuit in the court process.

Litigators, on this day, are usually thanked through bouquets and gifts, but the purpose of this holiday is to begin changing the perspectives of how lawyers are viewed throughout society, as they are the representatives of the law and help defend those in need.

How to Celebrate Love Litigating Lawyers Day

Celebrate this holiday by giving thanks to a litigator that you know personally, or someone who you know has helped their communities get the justice they need. Send them a thank you card, a gift you’d think they would like, and show your appreciation for their hard work.

Begin changing the way you think about lawyers by learning about what they do for a living, what kind of bars and education they must go through to become lawyers, and if you know someone personally, ask questions about what they do for a living. Asking questions can help further your understanding of lawyers in today’s age and help you appreciate their efforts more.

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