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Much like children, baby pets are cute but they require a lifetime of care. Dedicated to raising awareness about the responsibilities that pet owners make to their furry or feathered friends, Pet Promise Day acts as a reminder for everyone that pets are more than just a Christmas or birthday gift – they are forever family members! 

History of Pet Promise Day

Pet Promise Day was established with the purpose of encouraging pet owners or prospective pet owners to be sure that they are committed and dedicated to taking care of their animals in all of the ways they need. To provide a safe and healthy environment, give them plenty of opportunities for rest and play, and treat them like family members for their whole lives!

Bringing a young pet into the family can be an exciting adventure, but it also comes with a great deal of dedication and responsibility. Some people enjoy the idea of getting or giving a puppy, kitten or some other animal, but they aren’t necessarily ready to commit to taking care of it fully.

Pet Promise Day is here to reduce the occurrence of stray animals by encouraging humans to be more responsible with their animals. This can come through education, awareness campaigns,

How to Celebrate Pet Promise Day

Be an example of the commitment and dedicated required to make a pet a family member by celebrating Pet Promise Day with some of these plans:

Get Educated Before Getting a Pet

Adding a pet to the family can be a big ordeal, sometimes more than a person or family is prepared for. The best way to prevent pet abandonment is to make sure folks who take on pets know what they are getting into. In honor of Pet Promise Day, take a look at some of these important considerations prior to getting a pet:

  • Consider the financial costs of a pet, including food and medical care
  • Be sure there is a safe long-term place for a cat, dog or other pet to live
  • Choose a pet breed that has a temperament that is a good fit
  • Factor in training, exercise and grooming needs

Take a Pet Promise Pledge

One of the best ways to observe and show support for Pet Promise Day is to take a Pet Promise Pledge. Different versions of these can be found in various places online, including through the ISPCA website

Check out this version of the pet promise pledge:

I promise I will always treat you as part of the family, no matter if a new family member comes along, I move house or you grow old. I promise to keep you physically, mentally and emotionally happy and healthy. And I promise that you will be my forever pet until the very end and enjoy every moment with you.

Rescue an Animal

Pet shelters and rescue charities work hard to make a difference in the world by providing homes to animals that have been abandoned. An excellent way to celebrate Pet Promise Day is to commit to taking care of an animal whose promise has not been kept by someone else by adopting pets from a shelter.

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