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Rugs, a piece of decoration that are the foundation of design in many homes. Cultures all over the world have developed their own rugs, complete with colors, patterns, and unique weaving styles that say “this is us, our rugs, our culture.” But rugs are meant to be soft and comfortable on the feet, a way to turn a cold and uninviting wooden or dirt floor into a luxurious experience. National Lumpy Rug Day reminds us that smooth, plush rugs are wonderful for the feet, but lumpy rugs are an unfortunate thing indeed.

History of National Lumpy Rug Day

Rugs as we’ve mentioned have been around through every culture for centuries. There are different kinds of rugs, as many as you could imagine, including plush wool rugs, plastic woven rugs, intricate grass mats (which are technically a rug), just to name a few. If materials exist that can be woven together, they’ve likely been utilized to create a comfortable floor covering for homes. They serve important roles in homes as well, keeping bare feet off of cold stone, wood, or dirt floors. They help to suppress dust, as well as providing a colorful decoration to lighten up a room.

National Lumpy Rug Day was established to encourage people to pay attention to their lumpy rugs. Over time fibers can get pulled and bunch up, creating an unfortunate lump in the rug. But is it so unfortunate? No rug can go forever without gathering a few lumps of its own, and maybe the appropriate thing to do is appreciate it for the age and character given. Or, if you want to restore the plush comfort of your rugs, you can take National Lumpy Rug Day to repair your rug and restore it to its pristine state.

How to celebrate National Lumpy Rug Day

We’ve mentioned a couple of things you can do to celebrate lumpy rug day above, but how exactly do you repair a rug? Well, if you don’t know there are plenty of classes you can take to help show you how to repair your rugs. Maybe you have a rug of some age and don’t know its history, take it to an expert to identify your lumpy rug and tell you its origins. National Lumpy Rug Day can also be a great opportunity to replace your old rugs, and who doesn’t like an updated look to their home? Get out there and honor your rugs, whether with a funeral for the old and worn, or a revitalization for a treasured antique.

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