There’s been a strong movement lately to return to the days when beards were seen as a strong statement of masculinity. In a bold countermovement, No Beard Day comes along to convince men to take a razor to that magnificently furry face and return to a baby smooth complexion. While some of us feel this is nothing worse than purest heresy (unless we can convince those hipsters to shave), No Beard Day adherents feel a clean face is a lovely face.

History of No Beard Day

There is perhaps one strong argument for No Beard Day, and that’s its placement some time before the beginning of “Movember”, where men are encouraged to grow a truly outstanding moustache in recognition of the month. Maybe this holiday was brought into existence for no other purpose than to give the ‘contestants’ of Movember a way to get a fresh start.

Likely the result of razor companies trying to take some advantage of the otherwise costly Movember, No Beard Day encourages you to strike out and clean up that face mop you wear the rest of the year.

How to celebrate No Beard Day

Surely the most obvious method of celebrating No Beard Day is to clean up that mug and find the lovely baby face underneath it. Boyish charm has been in vogue in recent years, so maybe it’s time to find out if you can still rock that bare face, or perhaps remind you that this is why you grew a beard in the first place.

You can also get together with a group of your friends and have a ‘shave it off’ day with them. Sometimes it’s easier to take the plunge into a new look with friends, so get all of your beardiest friends together and terrify their wives or husbands, or make them gleeful by finally getting rid of that old face rug.

You want to make it truly posh? Find yourself a local barber who does hot shaves, if you’ve never had one, it’s the perfect excuse for getting your beard shaved off. Trust us, it may just be your excuse to celebrate No Beard Day every year.

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