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Lyme disease is a potentially life-altering illness that is caused by bacteria transmitted from the bite of a tick. Unfortunately, the incidence of Lyme Disease is on the rise throughout the Western Hemisphere, as tick populations are expanding due to climate change. To combat this spread, many people participate in Lyme Disease Awareness Month, and help educate the public about the symptoms and cause of Lyme Disease. Many regions and municipalities organize events and fundraisers to raise funds for research, and people wear green ribbons or replace their porch lights with green bulbs.

It is important to educate people about Lyme Disease, because it is often misdiagnosed. Early symptoms can include a rash, fever, headaches and fatigue. If the disease is left untreated, it can result in joint and heart problems, chronic pain, and cognitive problems such as difficulties concentrating or remembering things. As with many diseases, treatment is more effective if Lyme Disease is diagnosed early.

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