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From leather goods and accessories to furniture and ceramics, from bedding and mattresses to clothing and gifts, a huge range of items are manufactured right in the United Kingdom. It’s time to unite together and show support for UK manufacturers and businesses by celebrating Made in UK Day! 

History of Made in UK Day

Made in UK Day was first celebrated in 2011 when it was founded by an ex-retail buyer, Kate Hills who worked as a blogger featuring all of the amazing products that are made in the United Kingdom. Since its start, Made in UK Day has been celebrated each year to show appreciation and support for locally made products.

The purpose behind this day is to raise awareness about the benefits of buying locally and within the UK. Some of the ways buying in the UK helps is to provide more opportunities for local jobs, give a boost to the local economies, promote UK craftsmanship, lower the carbon footprint and preserve the UK manufacturing industry.

How to Celebrate Made in UK Day

Those who are interested in celebrating and getting more involved with Made in UK Day can check out some of these ideas:

Buy UK Made Products

Since the purpose of Made in UK Day is to encourage local manufacturing and businesses, one of the best ways that people can celebrate is by purchasing from and supporting businesses that offer products manufactured in the UK. Show some support to UK makers and manufacturers on this day by choosing wisely from the growing list of UK manufacturers on the list at the Make It British website.

In fact, with more than 65 million people living in the United Kingdom, if everyone bought just one item worth £20 on this day, it could result in a significant impact on UK businesses – over  £1 billion! 

Stock Made In UK Products

Those who own or run businesses in the UK can support Made in UK Day this year by making some changes in the ways they purchase the products and supplies. Check out the British Brand Directory on the Make It British site to gain access to all sorts of different companies that provide products without needing a flight! It’s not only a great way to support British businesses, but its also an excellent opportunity to help the environment, improve access to jobs, help the local economy and so much more.

Plan to Attend ‘Make It British’ Events

Individuals, consumers and business owners who are interested in celebrating Made in the UK Day at this time and other times throughout the year might want to get involved with the Make It British organization. This might include attending some of the events or master classes put on to address manufacturing and business needs in the UK. Past seminars have included topics such as online marketing, brand photography, Facebook ads, fabric printing, creating consistent content and so many other fascinating ways to learn.

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