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Make Up Your Mind Day just goes to show that there really is a day for everything.

This one is aimed at those who may be just a little (or a lot) indecisive. So to all you undecided people out there: no matter whether you have a habit annoying your friends by struggling to pick a dish at a restaurant, or trying to decide if you’re really, really ready for that career change, this is the one day when the choice has to be made. No excuses, no procrastination, no ands, ifs or buts—this day is your chance to stop putting things off for fear of responsibility and get things done. And what a better day to do this than New Year’s Eve, when you’re standing on the brink of a whole New Year and perhaps wondering what you could do to make it your own?

While it may seem a little scary at first, especially to those unaccustomed to being decisive, the ultimate goal is to take control of you life by making a decision and sticking with it. It’s celebrated by being brave and taking chances, and by learning something new about yourself along the way.

How to celebrate Make Up Your Mind Day

The best way to celebrate this holiday is to make a firm decision to make firm decisions from now forward. That may sound silly, but the fact is that habits are extremely powerful, so once you do start making decisions you don’t go back on, the resulting feelings of both pride and determination will make you much more likely to continue making such decisions. And where should you start? The truth is that you and only you know the answer to that question. December 31st is the perfect day to take some time to think about your life thus far, how satisfied you are with it, what you would change, and most importantly, what decisions you would have to make and stick to in order for those changes to happen. Every big move in life is made up of a series of much smaller decisions, and you will have t make each and every one of them to achieve your goal.

Is your ambition to change your job to something more senior and respected? Make the decision to sign up for a foreign language class, some post-graduate studies, an internet course, or whatever it is you need to gain the experience and qualifications you need to be a good candidate for the job you want. Then, once you have acted on this decision and made it a reality, it will b time to make another, and so on and so forth until it comes time to make the decision to quit your current job.

And if you realize the things that take up your time to decide about are small and arbitrary, like what to order at a restaurant, work out a method to decide on such things swiftly. Even something seemingly silly, like rolling some dice and choosing, say, dish number 7, because you happened to roll a seven, will help you practice sticking to what you choose.

However you decide to celebrate Make Up Your Mind Day, make your decision, and every decision you make from today onward, count. That in itself is a decision you will not regret.

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