There comes a time in every woman’s life when the only thing that helps is a glass of champagne. 

Bette Davis

There is one beverage that is commonly thought of as the pinnacle of drinks to be brought to an important event. Whether it’s a graduation, a retirement, a wedding, or a promotion, it’s champagne that is brought out and poured to celebrate the event. But is it Champagne? It may be merely a sparkling white wine, which is decidedly not the same thing. What’s the difference? Find out as we talk about Champagne Day.

History of Champagne Day

It is important to understand that when one is speaking of Champagne, it is not the lackluster sparkling white wine that is often served by those who don’t know any better. While they use the name champagne, typically incorrectly, the only true Champagne comes from the French province of the same name. Anything else you find on the shelf can only be called “sparkling white wine” as there are laws and regulations that govern what can be called white wine, and the French guard these rules jealously.

It’s no surprise that they do, as the four styles of true champagne that exist on the market are produced according to very strict standards set by the organizations in charge of such things. The four types of champagne are distinguished both by which area of the province they come from, and what forms of grape are used in their manufacture. If you’re a fan of champagne or think you are, we encourage you to get your hands on the true article and enjoy it.

In spite of all the bottles out there that may bear the name “sparkling white wine,” there are only a few that are truthfully Champagne, and it is worth your time to ensure that you’re drinking the genuine article. After all, the holiday is called Champagne Day, not sparkling white wine day.

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How to Celebrate Champagne Day

The best way to celebrate Champagne Day is to organize an event with your friends and family that will be a tasting, and get four bottles of real Champagne to try. Additionally, you might write up cards that describe the manner in which these wines are produced, and what distinguishes one from another. There are some things in life that are truly worth the effort to enjoy properly, and it is our opinion that the sparkling white wine known as “Champagne” is among them.

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