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Highlight the work of manufacturing and energize the potential of new skilled workers in the field by celebrating and participating in Manufacturing Day! 

History of Manufacturing Day

Manufacturing Day was founded in 2012 by The Manufacturing Institute, along with Fabricators and Manufacturers Association International. The purpose of the day is to act as a national endeavor to change the way that modern manufacturing is viewed. In addition, the day is meant to provide opportunities and platforms to those in the manufacturing industry to share not only the triumphs but also their challenges.

Sometimes shortened to MFG Day, each year this event opens the doors of hundreds of American manufacturers who host events all over the country, including all fifty states as well as Puerto Rico. Tens of thousands of community members get involved by attending, learning and enjoying these different events in honor of Manufacturing Day.

How to Celebrate Manufacturing Day

Manufacturers getting involved with this event have all sorts of creative opportunities for getting their community, potential customers and even the next generation workforce connected through Manufacturing Day. Check out some of these ideas and activities for the day:

Host a Manufacturing Day Event

Invite groups of students, prospective customers or even the public into the manufacturing facility on this day for tours, information sessions, job fairs and more. Another option might be to take things online and host an educational webinar, social media chat session or some other format that allows interested parties to get involved, particularly young people and STEM graduates, taking away helpful knowledge that will grow their connection with the industry.

Watch a Manufacturing Show

People who want to learn more about the manufacturing industry, and teach their kids about it too, may be interested in celebrating Manufacturing Day by watching some documentary style television shows. The show, How It’s Made, which was on the Science Channel in the US and the Discovery Channel in Canada, featured dozens of seasons from 2001-2019 that gave a look into the different insights behind the manufacturing industry.

Another show that gives a peek into some interesting features of manufacturing is Dirty Jobs. Hosted by Mike Rowe, this show had eight seasons from 2003 to 2012 and also had some different spin-off options. While not everything in this show is about manufacturing, some interesting episodes included a lump charcoal factory, making flower pots from cow manure, and working in a tannery for leather.

Learn More About Manufacturing 

Those who are interested in getting more informed or perhaps students who might be thinking of working in the manufacturing field in the future might want to take Manufacturing Day as an opportunity to perform some research on the subject. Check out some of these important facts about the manufacturing industry to get started with:

  • The average car manufacturing process requires at least 30,000 parts while the average airplane requires 6 million parts!

  • The United States is the world’s second largest manufacturer, with 12% of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in manufacturing.

  • There are around 13 million manufacturing workers in the US.

  • Estimates show that at least 4 million additional manufacturing jobs will be needed in the US in the next decade.

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