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National Mason Jar Day celebrates the invention of the mason jar and its versatility in homes everywhere. It’s weirdness is what makes this holiday unique, because a day dedicated to an invention is neat when you can learn about its history and usefulness. Since hipsters these days are making mason jars a staple, why not learn about mason jars and their fascinating past? So let’s dive in to this trendy item and get started.

History of National Mason Jar Day

Unboxing the Bizzare is a website and company aimed at creating gift boxes based on weird and obscure holidays. Misty Campbell-Olbert, the founder of Unboxing the Bizarre, founded National Mason Jar Day as a day to celebrate the enginuity of the mason jar and how it can be used in many crafting activities. The origins of the mason jar started with John Landis Mason’s patent #22186 in 1858, which issued a safer design for the screw neck bottles used to store food. This design helped make storing food safer, and thus also inspired the artists and gardeners to be creative with their hobbies.

Then after the patent expired, many companies such as Ball brothers, Hero Fruit Jar Company, and Consolidated Fruit Jar company took the opportunity to bank on the design. Ball brothers exceeded at their products by introducing newer designed based off of the original, one of which was called the “bead” jar, between 1910 and 1915. As time went on, new designs emerged, and while nowadays there is not specific brand to the mason jar, it has proven to be quite useful.

How to celebrate National Mason Jar Day

People can celebrate mason jars by sharing with their friends all the ways they use mason jars. You can jar fruits and salsas in them, you can create plant containers, or you can use them as decorations in your home, or use them as a drinking utensil. Look up online some cool ideas to use mason jars, and you can share your creative works by using the hashtag #MasonJarDay when you post online to your friends. Ball Kerr offers many recipes for canning such as vinaigrettes, jams, pickles, and juices, so why not start using mason jars and kick off that creative brain of yours?

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