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 A little bit of information can go a long way in helping medical professionals in an emergency situation! Medic Alert Awareness Month is here to shine a light on the need to increase public awareness about Medic Alert bracelets, what they mean and how to use them. 

History of Medic Alert Awareness Month

The inspiration for the creation of the medical ID bracelet system came when the 14-year-old daughter of a doctor went into the hospital for some routine tests – and then went into anaphylactic shock that was nearly fatal. Her physician father came up with the idea of wearing a bracelet that would provide detailed medical instructions for doctors if another emergency occurred.

Not only after, the Medic Alert Foundation got its start in 1956 with the purpose of developing a universal medical identification system that would benefit patients by providing important information right away. In 1978, the first National MedicAlert Week was officially declared by US President Jimmy Carter.

By 1996, on the 40th anniversary of the birth of the Medic Alert Foundation, governors across the nation proclaimed August as National Medic Alert Awareness Month. This annual event is supported through the efforts of the Medic Alert Foundation with the purpose of educating and increasing public understanding of the importance of Medic Alert bracelets.

How to Celebrate Medic Alert Awareness Month

Consider some of these ideas for getting started with observing Medic Alert Awareness Month:

Learn More About the Medic Alert System

One of the best ways to celebrate Medic Alert Awareness Month would be to get more informed about the ways that medical bracelets can save lives. A good resource for information is the Medic Alert website, which provides all sorts of educational information on how the system works as well as a shop where individuals can order appropriate bracelets based on their medical conditions. 

In addition to bracelets, there are other options such as necklaces, kids’ jewelry, or even digitized IDs for smart watches. Medic Alert also offers plans to help individuals store important documents for when they need them. Of course, it’s important to check with a medical professional to be sure exactly which product is the correct one for each individual.

Share Online About Medic Alert

Let friends, family members and others know how important the medical bracelet system has been personally by posting stories online. Individuals can raise awareness by sharing a photo on social media with a note about what the Medic Alert bracelet means to them.

Teach Kids About Medic Alert

Children may not be aware that a Medic Alert bracelet is not just a normal piece of jewelry that is worn as an accessory. Parents and teachers can use Medic Alert Awareness Month as an opportunity to instruct kids about what this special bracelet looks like and what it might mean if they see it on a person who needs medical care. In addition, this is a great time to review with a child the age-appropriate response in case of any emergency, including how to call 9-1-1 or other local emergency numbers.

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