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At root, everyone wants somebody to love – and to love them in return. But finding that special someone is a challenge. Dating websites provide you with a menu of people, which is great. But they don’t give you that chemistry – that spark – that you get when you encounter somebody organically. It’s contrived.

Meet a mate week, therefore, is something of an anachronism in the modern world – but a most welcome one. The basic idea is to take a bunch of single people and throw them into a situation where romance can flourish. Nothing about the week is forced. Unlike apps, there isn’t pressure to match. Instead, Meet a Mate Week just stacks the deck in your favor. Throw a bunch of people together in a new situation and sparks will fly – well, that’s the idea, anyway.

Learn about Meet A Mate Week

What matters most in life? For many, it is finding love. But grabbing hold of that special someone and keeping them is a challenge. The rate of failed marriages is high, so finding your soulmate is a challenge. Even people who are convinced that they’ve got the right partner can find themselves sorely disappointed.

The organizers of Meet a Mate Week operate under the guiding principle that creating opportunities is the best strategy for finding love. Getting a girlfriend or boyfriend at school is easy, but as you make your way through adult life, it becomes more of a challenge. There are fewer opportunities and less social mixing. Entirely decent single people wind up living out their lives in dreary solitude, even when there are potential mates out there.

Most people in their twenties, thirties, and beyond find people through friendships and networking at work. The total pool of available people, however, is small, and many wind up failing to find that spark with anyone. Identifying and approaching suitable people is a challenge. If only there were an easier way for single people to “get out there.”

Well, that, in a nutshell, is the rationale behind Meet a Mate Week. Meeting friends and having a great time is the ideal way to stumble upon that special person you’ve been looking for – that life partner who will always be there for you.

History of Meet A Mate Week

Meet a Mate Week initially emerged from the discontent of those tired of disappointing dating apps. There was something fundamentally wrong with the approach. Encounters were often contrived and awkward. People were choosing each other like items on a fast-food menu. It was a world away from the way that things evolved in the past.

Meet a Mate Week, therefore, sought to change that. It was a chance for people to do something fun and then, perhaps, meet the person of their dreams. The week-long event started by encouraging punters to get together for various outdoor pursuits, like camping, hiking, rock-climbing, water-rafting, or beach events. Singles would congregate at a destination and then explore from there.

But, unlike the dating world, there was no pressure. The idea was not to go to one of these events, assuming that something would happen. Instead, the individuals went to find interesting people, make friendships and then, maybe, take things further. It was, therefore, a completely different setup from the immediate gratification of dating apps. Signing up for one of these events didn’t indicate that anything was a done deal. Everyone was laid-back and prepared to wait and see what happened.

Meet a Mate Week continued to evolve. In the early days, the focus was on having fun. But in later years, there was a shift toward doing things that benefited the community. Groups, for instance, would get involved with activities like tree planting, urban beautification, or cleaning up litter from parks. The benefit of this approach was that it tended to attract a different breed of people. Volunteer events would often encourage the most caring and hardworking people in the community to show up. When they did, they would often find that they had a lot in common with the other people there.

How to celebrate Meet A Mate Week

Celebrating Meet a Mate Week isn’t just a fun thing to do; it could completely transform your life! For that reason, you need to approach it with caution. Love can be extraordinary, but it is also dangerous, both emotionally, financially, and physically.

With that little caveat out of the way, how can you celebrate this week? What can you do?

The most obvious answer is to attend a meetup of singles. If possible, try to choose gatherings that are most likely to result in meeting the type of person who would interest you. So, for instance, if you love adventure holidays, it makes sense to choose an event based around an outdoor activity, like biking. On the other hand, if you’re looking for somebody committed to community values, then you might want to go to a litter-pick or park clean-up.

Remember, Meet a Mate Week is a very relaxed affair. You don’t have to even go along to an event with the idea of finding a partner in mind. You can just show up and take part in group activities and leave. Nothing is wrong with that.

If you don’t fancy the idea of doing something in real-life, then there are plenty of other options to celebrate the week online. You could, for instance, send out e-cards to people to celebrate the event. This way, you can get people involved in the movement and increase the number of people meeting each other offline. You could also float the idea on social media and see what people think. If you’re already in a relationship, but you know a single looking for love, then you can help to bolster numbers by recommending that they sign up for an event.

Love is one of the best things in life, but it is horrendously elusive. Some people find it; others don’t. Meet a Mate Week serves to skew the odds in your favor.

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