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While the idea of having a day to celebrate cows that are black could be a good one, that’s not exactly what this day is all about. For those who don’t know, the ‘black cow’ is another name for a root beer float. 

And National Black Cow Day is all about paying heed to this simple but incredibly delicious beverage!

History of National Black Cow Day

It seems that the black cow has been around for more than a century. The story goes that the drink got its start in 1893, in Colorado, when Frank J. Wisner saw the snow caps on Cow Mountain and wanted to make a drink that would honor them. So he placed a scoop of ice cream on top of a glass of root beer. And there it was…the black cow!

Today the black cow, or root beer float, continues to be a favorite American tradition, especially enjoyed in the summertime when a cold and creamy beverage fits just perfectly. National Black Cow Day was established with one purpose – to celebrate this tasty and refreshing drink.

Looking for another excuse to celebrate the ‘black cow’ this summer? Just hang on for a couple of months and it will be a delight to find National Root Beer Float Day situated in early August. 

How to Celebrate National Black Cow Day

Celebrate National Black Cow Day with several different ideas, including some of these:

Enjoy a Black Cow

Certainly, the best idea for getting the most out of National Black Cow Day is to take some time to enjoy a root beer float. Though it used to be easy to get one of these types of drinks at a soda fountain, sadly, the prevalence of these diners has basically disappeared over the years. Still, it is sometimes possible to get a black cow at a local restaurant that serves both root beer and vanilla ice cream.

One of the largest chains in the US that still serves the root beer float today is A&W Restaurants. With over 900 locations in the US as well as Southeast Asia, this might be the best option for enjoying this treat in celebration of the day. In addition to black cows, it’s possible to get a variety of fast foods there as well.

Host a National Black Cow Day Party

Invite the whole gang over for a backyard party on National Black Cow Day and have the guest of honor be the black cow! Of course, root beer floats are the most important part of the menu, so be sure to have plenty of root beer and vanilla ice cream available.

In addition, it might be fun to play up both meanings of the name of the day, which means it’s possible to decorate cookies and cupcakes using pictures of the animal, the black cow. It could even be fun to serve black angus steaks as part of the menu for the party. And don’t forget to greet everyone with a delightful little “moooo”!

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