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There’s a lot of stigma around male grooming. But in today’s society, it’s simply not acceptable to be scruffy, smelly and unkempt. So catch up, men!

Getting on the bandwagon to make sure the body and appearance are appropriately taken care of is what Men’s Grooming Day is all about.

History of Men’s Grooming Day

Men’s Grooming Day encourages men everywhere to buy and use grooming products and to proactively manage their appearance. Salons, hairdressers and beauty parlors often cater especially to men on this day with offers, education, and special consideration.

Founded and sponsored by American Crew, a company dedicated to redefining what it means to be a well-groomed man, this day was created as a reminder for men to spruce up their grooming practices and take care of themselves!

How to Celebrate Men’s Grooming Day

Paying heed to this day can mean as much or as little as an individual wants! Try out these ideas for celebrating Men’s Grooming Day:

Visit a Salon or Barber

Men who just want a quick and efficient haircut with clippers can certainly head over to a barber. They might even offer a shave with hot towels. But for a more detailed haircut (with actual scissors) and other kinds of grooming (say, a man-icure) a salon might be the right place to go. Plus, many salons offer spa services as well, so why not add on a little armchair massage while there?

Try a Few New Men’s Grooming Products

Men who are looking to upgrade their grooming routine should consider trying out some different products to keep them in great shape:

  • Beard Balm. A beard used to be just an excuse to be lazy by not shaving–but not anymore! Beards are in style but they need to be well cared for, clean and sleek. A beard balm is a great way to keep those beard hairs in check, as well as moisturizing the skin underneath.
  • Hair Pomade. Gel is old news for men’s hair as it makes things sticky. The new way to keep hair in line is by using a pomade. But don’t use too much as that can make things pretty greasy.
  • Face Wash. Quit using that bar soap on the face, guys! Facial skin is more sensitive (yes, even on a man) and deserves to be treated with gentler ingredients that will help it stay smooth, acne free and protected from razor burn.
  • Bro Mask. That’s right, this is a facial mask for the guys! Specially formulated with serums and botanical specifically created for the man’s skin.

Talk to a Man About Grooming

This might be the perfect day to have that awkward conversation about grooming with the man you love. Whether he’s wearing a scruffy beard that could use a careful trim, or he’s deeply in need of a haircut, Men’s Grooming Day is the perfect time to make the suggestion!

If there’s a little guy in the house, it’s never too soon to start teaching them how to take care of their bodies. Practice showering, shaving (without a blade, of course), using deodorant, and various other ways to help boys get interested in what is involved in caring for themselves as they grow up into a man.

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