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In this modern day and age, with pressures and anxieties piled up high, is it really any wonder that someone would come up with the genius idea of a Scream Day?

While certainly there is much to be said for enjoying a massage or meditation to calm those frazzled nerves, some psychologists believe that a good old scream can be therapeutic in its own way. At least, temporarily. When a person releases their frustrations, via a way of a good old fashioned howl, the brain relaxes which could actually bring some much needed immediate relief.

So if science says screaming is good for people, it’s time to learn more about Scream Day, and perhaps even make an effort to celebrate it!

Learn about Scream Day

Scream Day has been created to help the millions of people who need to let out that pent up frustration. Scream Day could bring some awareness to the health benefits of letting out a big bellow. Whether choosing to do it in the shower, in the car, in a closet or into a pillow, letting out a scream can be therapeutic and stress-reducing.

Scream Day simply brings attention to this and serves as a reminder for those who might need to release some pressure with a scream. Scream Day can help millions of people release tension in a safe and controlled way and people who want to know more can find out from the official Scream Day site.

History of Scream Day

For over 2000 years Eastern Medicine has enjoyed and promoted the health benefits of the scream. Dr. Lu, who is a master of Chinese Medicine, states that screaming helps with Liver Chi stagnation.

Primal Screaming has a long history too. Developed by Arthur Yanov in the 1960s, the primal scream was designed to help people release all of the tension and pent up emotions in a long, loud scream. The scream unlocks feelings deep down inside and allows them to be released, offering a sense of relief.

Currently there isn’t much of a history of Scream Day, because the day is fairly new. But in a few years, that might change! Each year there seems to be a lot of pressure on people, and from time to time, it is nice to let it all out.

Scream Day Timeline


Edvard Munch paints The Scream

During a walk in the city, Norwegian painter Munch is inspired by a scene with a sunset where the sky turned red.[1]


The Wilhelm Scream originates

This famous screaming sound effect is named after a character called Wilhelm in The Charge at Feather River. It will come to be used in more than 400 films, including Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Toy Story.[2]


Famous scream in Psycho

This film by Alfred Hitchcock, featuring Janet Leigh’s original screaming in the shower, will eventually become a classic horror movie.[3]


Book, The Primal Scream, is released 

Written by American psychologist Dr. Arthur Janov, this book provides a look at the alternative Primal Therapy which channeled many Freudian ideas.[4]


Scream hits movie theaters 

The beginning of this meta horror slasher franchise, Scream becomes the highest grossing horror film in the world for more than 20 years.[5]

How to Celebrate Scream Day

Celebrating and observing Scream Day doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated. It’s an easy way to let off some steam and share the idea with others who might benefit from it as well. To get started, try out some of these ideas for celebrating the day:

Practice Screaming on Scream Day

As the name suggests, the most common way to celebrate Scream Day is to find a safe space and just let it all go. However, it is important to do this someplace where it is possible to safely make a noise, like the shower or the car or into a pillow. And be careful that it’s done in a way that doesn’t disturb other people.

A great example is driving to a safe car park and taking a deep breath to blast out the biggest scream. This type of release may even give a person a release of endorphins which are positive chemicals in the brain that allow for a feeling of strength and a natural “high”.

But what about those people who don’t have a car and can’t drive somewhere to scream? Don’t worry. The great news is that it is possible to practice that therapeutic scream just about anywhere.

Scream into a Pillow

It has been long said that screaming into a pillow is a great way to relieve stress and anger. Why use a pillow? The pillow dampens the noise, which is useful for people who are at home with family members or where other people can hear, so they won’t be worried by the sudden outburst.

Scream Along with Music

Find some music with shouty lyrics and join in. Certain types of music actually lend themselves to screaming along with them, including rock, punk and metal, which are more recent genres. However, in the longer history of music, screaming may go way back as far as the Nordic Vikings.

Although this might not be as relaxing and as loud as a long, loud scream into a pillow or in the car, it can help a person get started and relieve a lot of stress pretty quickly.

To get started, try out some of these rock tracks that have long screaming or wailing lines:

  • With a Little Help From My Friends by Joe Cocker
  • Piece of My Heart by Big Brother & the Holding Company
  • Dream On by Aerosmith
  • Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin

Or maybe there is another song in mind that would be perfect for having a screamy sing along to and start driving that stress down.

Watch a Movie with Screaming

Of course, the horror movie genre had a lot to do with perfecting the use of on-screen screaming. And watching such films might be a great way to celebrate Scream Day and join in whenever it feels needed.

Get started with some of these movies that offer great cause for screaming:

  • Rosemary’s Baby (1968). This classic creeper was Roman Polanski’s first American film and it reveals the paranoia of a young couple as they move into a new neighborhood.
  • A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984). The slasher film that started much of the new movement features the classic character Freddie Kreuger who stalks his victims in their dreams.
  • Hush (2016). Partially based on real events, this slasher movie follows a blind and deaf woman who moves to a house in the woods looking for solitude to write her next novel.
  • What Lies Beneath (2000). More of a supernatural thriller, this one stars Michelle Pfeiffer whose character feels a spirit in her house is trying to contact her–even though her husband believes she is simply having a nervous breakdown.

Scream Day FAQs

What is Scream Day?

Scream Day was developed with the idea that sometimes it is useful to let out a big scream.[1]

When is Scream Day?

Scream Day is celebrated on April 24th of each year.[2]

What is the most famous scream?

The Wilhelm Scream is the most famous, starting in 1951 and having been used in films more than 400 times, including most of the Star Wars franchise films.[3]

How to celebrate Scream Day?

Sometimes referred to as “Scream in the Shower Day”, one great way to observe this day would be to scream in the shower or into a pillow.[4]

Is screaming good for you?

Though it certainly is not an instant cure, some people find that a good scream can help relieve tension and allow them to solve their problems with a clearer mind.[5]

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