In the modern-day and age – with piled-up pressures and anxieties, is it really any wonder that there is a Scream Day? While there is much to be said for a massage and meditation. Some psychologists believe that a good old scream can be therapeutic. When you release your frustrations, via way of a good ole’ howl, your brain relaxes. So if science says screaming is good for us, it’s time to know more about Scream Day. 

Learn about Scream Day

Scream Day has been created to help the millions of people who need to let out that pent up frustration. Scream Day could bring some awareness to the health benefits of letting out a big bellow. 

History of Scream Day

There isn’t really a history of Scream Day, but in a few years, that might change! Each year there seems to be a lot of pressure on people, and from time to time, it is nice to let it all out. 

For over 2000 years Eastern Medicine has enjoyed and promoted the health benefits of the scream. Dr. Lu, who is a master of Chinese Medicine, states that screaming helps with Liver Chi stagnation. 

Primal Screaming has a long history too. Developed by Arthur Yanov, the primal scream was designed to help people release all of the tension and pent up emotions in a long, loud scream. The scream unlocks feelings deep down. 

How to celebrate Scream Day

As the name suggests, you find a safe space and just let it all go. However, it is important to do this somewhere you can safely make a noise, and be careful that you don’t disturb other people. 

A great example is driving to a safe car park and taking a deep breath to blast out the biggest scream. This release may give us a release of endorphins. 

But what if you don’t have a car and can’t drive somewhere to scream? Don’t worry. The great news is that you can do your therapeutic scream almost anywhere. 

It has been long said that screaming into a pillow is a great way to relieve stress and anger. Why use a pillow? The pillow dampens the noise, and if you are at home or where other people can hear you, they won’t be worried by the sudden outburst. 

Find some music with shouty lyrics and join in. Although this might not be as relaxing and as loud as a long, loud scream into a pillow or in your car, it can help get you started and relieve a lot of stress pretty quickly. There are some rock tracks that have long screaming or wailing lines:

  • With a Little Help From My Friends by Joe Cocker
  • Piece of My Heart by Big Brother & the Holding Company
  • Dream On by Aerosmith

Or maybe you have a song in mind that you can have a screamy sing along to and start driving that stress down. 

Scream Day can help millions of people release tension in a safe and controlled way. 

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September 30th 2020
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