In a world with so much natural beauty, there’s one creature that is often overlooked: the moth. While butterflies seem to get all the attention, moths are often feared, disliked or ignored, but Moth-er Day was set up to change all that.

Moth-er Day is a great opportunity to learn about moths and even get involved with their conservation. It’s an ideal study opportunity for children, who will be fascinated to learn more about the life cycle of egg, caterpillar, chrysalis and moth.

Some ways you can get involved with Moth-er day are to spend some time moth spotting and trying to identify and record the species you find. Moths, like butterflies, have suffered from dwindling numbers and difficult years in the past, so you can help them by planting caterpillar friendly plants in your garden. For Moth-er Day, you could research plants that caterpillars like and grow them yourself.


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The Insect Guardian Folding them carefully as though they were clean, he stacks the clothes in the large draws lovingly, back from the party – worn just once, enough to attract the shiny-winged ones, and to smooth the fabric for the imminent eggs. Four to ten days is all they will need, as when the female dies from laying them, he will naturally take care of the young. When eggs fall out of collars or cuffs on garments pulled out carelessly, he says they are lavender bits. We marvel at how he cultivates grey to care for them, and not… Read more »

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