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Children are creatures of imagination and creativity in all sorts of things during their playtime, from telling stories to making up games to building structures. One amazing way to keep children interested and involved in the creative process is to help them learn and build skills in the world of craft. And that’s what National Children’s Craft Day is all about! 

History of National Children’s Craft Day

National Children’s Craft Day got its start several years ago as part of the celebration of National Craft Month, which takes place for the entire month of March. This month-long event was founded in the mid-90s by the Craft and Hobby Association to encourage people to rediscover the joy that comes from creating and building something through skilled craftsmanship. 

Setting aside time for crafting and making art provides children with a number of benefits that many people may not be aware of, including these:

  • Crafting helps develop fine motor skills for children.
  • Making crafts can boost cognitive skills by encouraging them to think creatively and innovatively by using their imaginations.
  • Building crafts and making art can boost a child’s self-esteem and encourage them into more forms of self-expression.
  • Arts and craft projects can also teach important problem solving skills to children as they learn how to overcome barriers in creating the project they imagined in their minds.

National Children’s Craft Day is set aside for parents, grandparents, teachers and other adults to specifically focus on the beauty and benefits that come from allowing children to build crafting skills and unleash them to be creative. It can be amazing to see what kind of incredible imaginations and ingenuity that children can have when they are given some tools and skills!

National Children’s Craft Day Timeline

16th Century 

Origami paper crane is recorded 

This Japanese paper craft evolved over several centuries as a craft made by children and adults, often exchanging them for luck.[1]


Arts and Crafts Movement begins 

William Morris and John Ruskin were influencers of this movement, with the belief that the creation of crafts affects the artist and that machines dehumanize workers.[2]


First Olympic Gold Medal is awarded for arts & crafts 

After winning two Olympic medals for sharpshooting, American Walter Winans wins the first ever Olympic gold for his bronze sculpture.[3]


National Craft Month is founded 

This month is the impetus for a variety of crafting activities, including National Children’s Craft Day.

How to Celebrate National Children’s Craft Day

Looking for ideas and inspiration on how to celebrate National Children’s Craft Day? Check out some of these ideas and also be sure to ask the kids what they think!

Make Crafts with Young Children

One of the best ways to celebrate this day might be for parents, grandparents, teachers and others who work with children to set aside some time to get creative by making some crafts with younger children. National Children’s Craft Day is a great time to drag out all of the craft supplies and get to work.

Popsicle sticks, paint in a variety of colors, construction paper, scissors, glue, pipe cleaners, pom poms, yarn, glitter and so many other items can be used for children to decorate their crafting work. Whether it’s a guided project or a free-for-all, this is a great day to put on some inspiring music and just create! Try out some of these craft ideas for kids:

  • Holiday Ornaments. Getting ready for the winter holiday season provides a perfect opportunity to make ornaments for Christmas, Hanukkah, Thanksgiving, the New Year and more.
  • Soap. This can be easy if the soap recipe is made to be melted and poured straight into molds that the child chooses.
  • Paper Pinwheels. Crafts made from paper are easy and affordable, and the paper for the pinwheels can be decorated by the child before assembling it.
  • Masks. Making masks from paper or felt is fun in two ways: it allows the child to be creative in decorating and making the mask, and then it provides them an opportunity for fun and imaginative play!

In celebration of National Children’s Craft Day, perhaps it would be fun for teachers, scout troop leaders or others who work with kids to provide an opportunity for the children to put their crafts and handiwork on display. This could include invitations for parents and other family members, or simply be a way for the students to see and appreciate each others’ hard work and creativity within their peer group.

Learn About Famous Crafters

Some older kids might think that making crafts isn’t a super cool way to spend a day. But that’s not true! In honor of National Children’s Craft Day, perhaps it would be fun to share with the family or a classroom of kids some of these famous folks who are also into crafting:

  • Taylor Swift

    She’s more than just her music! Swifties can get excited about the love Taylor has for crafts as she often hand-makes gifts such as watercolor paintings or hand-made snow globes.

  • Nick Offerman

    This actor who portrays grumpy Ron Swanson on Parks and Recreation is an actual woodworker and carpenter – and he even co-hosts a DIY show with Amy Poehler called Making It.

  • Sarah Jessica Parker

    Who says knitting is just for grandma and can’t be sexy? In fact, this star of television’s Sex In the City is an avid knitter who uses the craft to pass time on set.

  • David Beckham

    This amazing soccer star knows that sports isn’t life. He loves doing DIY and craft projects with his four kids, including sewing doll clothes and painting pottery.

Teach Older Children a Crafting Skill

While making crafts can certainly be something as simple as glue and paint on a paper plate, for older people it can mean learning and perfecting a skill. In fact, passing down skills from generation to generation is the way that many craftsmen and craftswomen have made a living over the centuries. From making furniture to throwing pottery, from weaving blankets to tatting thread for lace, learning a craft by hand can stand the test of time.

Parents or others who have older children or teens in their lives might consider National Children’s Craft Day as a time to teach them a skill. Don’t know a skill well enough to teach it? That’s okay! This might also be a good time to sign up for a crafting class and learn something new together. Take a knitting or crochet class at the local hobby store, or sign up for a carpentry class at school. It can be fun – and useful for building a skill too! 

National Children’s Craft Day FAQs

Are toilet paper rolls safe for children’s crafts?

Sure! Using clean toilet paper rolls is a great way to teach children how to re-use objects in sustainable crafting.

How to organize children’s craft supplies?

It’s great to keep crafts hidden in bins, tubs, jars, folders and more, perhaps in spaces like under the sofa or in a closet.[1]

Why are crafts important for toddlers?

Creative learning projects are vital in early childhood education as they foster imagination, promote hand-eye coordination and develop many other skills.[2]

When can a child use crayons for crafts?

Chunky crayons can be used by children around the age of one year, with adult supervision.[3]

Who invented crafts?

The Arts and Crafts Movement began in England in the mid-1800s and is attributed to John Ruskin and William Morris.[4]

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