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National Above the Bus Day, celebrated every year on October 5, is a special day that highlights the importance of kindness and appreciation in our lives.

It’s a day dedicated to lifting people, instead of bringing them down, a sentiment that contrasts sharply with the more negative notion of throwing someone “under the bus.” 

The essence of National Above the Bus Day lies in encouraging actions that promote a positive atmosphere, whether at work, among friends, or within the family.

By doing simple acts of kindness, acknowledging someone’s hard work, or standing up for others, we contribute to a culture of empathy and support. 

The initiative underlines how such gestures enhance individual relationships and improve the overall environment in workplaces and communities. It’s about recognizing the unsung heroes in our lives, celebrating their achievements, and ensuring they know their efforts are valued​​​​.

Moreover, National Above the Bus Day encourages everyone to engage in activities that foster kindness.

Whether it’s making a colleague’s day a little brighter with a thoughtful gesture, offering genuine compliments, or advocating for those whose voices might not be heard, the day is about putting others “above the bus” in every sense.  History of National Above the Bus Day

National Above the Bus Day has a unique story, starting with its creation by Evan Wildstein in 2021. The idea came from wanting to flip a common phrase, “throw under the bus,” into something positive.

Instead of focusing on negative actions, this day aims to lift people by recognizing their good deeds and achievements. Wildstein chose October 5 for this celebration, which interestingly aligns with National Do Something Nice Day, further emphasizing the day’s focus on kindness and positive actions​​​​​​.

The phrase “throw under the bus” first appeared in the 1980s, and it was used to describe betrayal. However, National Above the Bus Day takes the opposite approach by encouraging everyone to spotlight the positive contributions of others.

Whether in the workplace, among friends, or within families, the day is about acknowledging those who make a difference, often without seeking recognition for themselves​​.

How to Celebrate National Above the Bus Day

To celebrate National Above the Bus Day, consider various heartfelt actions: Pen a thank-you note to someone who’s positively impacted you, highlighting their influence.

Take to social media to spread positive narratives about folks who’ve made a difference. Why not host an appreciation event for community or workplace heroes, acknowledging their efforts? 

Lend a hand to a charity or someone in need, embodying the day’s spirit. Dish out compliments, recognizing the good in people around you.

Engage friends or colleagues in a kindness challenge, aiming for the most acts of kindness. Lastly, use this day to reflect and commit to regularly uplifting others, fostering a culture of appreciation and support.

These activities are drawn from the essence of National Above the Bus Day, which encourages acknowledging and celebrating the positive contributions of others in our lives​​​​​​​​.

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