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Getting a compliment on a new sweater or pair of boots is great, but it’s even better when you can say that you got them on a deep discount! It’s almost a form of pride for many people to brag about how inexpensive their purchases are. National Bargain Hunting Week aims to remind and encourage people that paying full price should only be done as a last resort! 

History of National Bargain Hunting Week

National Bargain Hunting Week got its start in 1996 when it was founded and launched by author and avid bargain shopper, Debbie Keri-Brown. The day went right along with her creative books, titled Bargain Hunting in Ohio and Bargain Hunting in Columbus. Each year, the event is celebrated by dedicated lovers of deals and bargains, especially in the US but also in other places throughout the globe.

Whether scouring antique shops, finding deals at a flea market or simply being a smart shopper at the supermarket, National Bargain Hunting Week is here to encourage folks to keep their wallets full as they shop!

How to Celebrate National Bargain Hunting Week

Get excited about saving money with the celebration of National Bargain Hunting Week! Check out and share some of these fun ideas for getting involved with this week-long event:

Shop for Bargains and Discounts

Thrifty shoppers, deal makers and bargain hunters can unite over this exciting week of shopping opportunities. National Bargain Hunting Week is the ideal time to watch the sale flyers, check out online deals or head directly to the stores that are reliably low-priced and offer deep discounts. Some bargain chains, such as Ollie’s and Burlington Stores, as well as others, are known for celebrating by offering their customers extra savings during this important week.

Buy Gently Used Items

Save the earth and make a deal at the same time by shopping at consignment, second-hand, thrift, vintage or other shops that offer pre-used items. It’s a perfect way to keep things out of landfills and make sure they get their use. Many items can be used as they are, but others can perhaps be re-purposed and given a whole new life. National Bargain Hunting Week is an ideal time to check out second-hand shops or yard sales for clothing, furniture, household items, bicycles and so much more.

Cash In With Coupon Bargains

Perhaps National Bargain Hunting Week feels like just the right time to pull out all the stops when it comes to saving with coupons. From online coupons and apps to clippable coupons in the newspaper, from percentages off and dollars off to BOGO deals, this week is an awesome time to hunt for bargains. Also, even though it may not be redeemable for a while, this might be a good time to sign up on all of the different apps that offer free and discounted birthday offers, like Baskin Robbins, Starbucks, Crumbl Cookies, Edible Arrangements and so many others.

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