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National Couple’s Day

When two people come together, they create a unique bond that can conquer any challenge, adventure, or romantic moment.


A guide to celebrating Aug 18th

Picture this: waking up to a snug embrace, feeling like a cheesy romantic flick. Slide into the kitchen and whip up a mouthwatering ice cream pie together. Pick a bottle of Pinot Noir and toast to love, silly poems, and spontaneous fajita nights. Dive into a stack of old mail-order catalogs, dreaming up wacky outfits or quirky DIY projects. Share your worst poetry; laughter guaranteed. Embrace serendipity, whether it’s a surprise visit or a spontaneous dance party. When the day throws curveballs, channel your inner resilience, celebrating victories big and small. Remember, it’s okay to indulge in a scoop of ice cream pie for that extra boost. In this whirlwind of joy, there’s no room for giving up – because every moment counts. Just savor the medley of flavors, laughter, and love that make life so unexpectedly delightful. Cheers to making the most of these bizarre, wonderful holidays!

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