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Often found in bars alongside dartboards, pool tables are a fun pastime that almost anyone can get involved with. A few different game options can be played, usually with fifteen numbered balls, a white cue ball and cue sticks. Pool is a game of skill and concentration, often using the ricochet of the cue ball to get the numbered balls into the pockets.

National Billiards & Pool Day offers a delightful opportunity to show appreciation for and celebrate this game that has a long history but still offers tons of fun in today’s modern world!

History of National Billiards & Pool Day

The background of the games of billiards and pool can be followed back all the way to the 15th century. This was when billiards began to be played in France and northern Europe, presumably as a sort of indoor version of croquet for when the weather wasn’t cooperating. The original game had green “grass” on the table, six pockets on the side, and even a hoop in the middle to be used as a target for their “indoor croquet”.

The games of billiards and pool have evolved since that time, with cultural mentions along the way, like in Shakespeare’s 17th century tragedy, Antony and Cleopatra. The Industrial Revolution brought various tweaks to the game, including changing the shape of the sticks from mallets to cues, and adding special tips to the end for spin.

When billiards made its way to the United States, the history of the game made changes across the ocean. Billiards, pool and even snooker have all developed in their own ways to offer unique versions of play that are preferred in various places.

National Billiards & Pool Day is here to celebrate this game and all of the unique history that comes with it!

How to Celebrate National Billiards & Pool Day

Check out some fun ideas for enjoying the celebration of National Billiards & Pool Day, getting started with some of these:

Play Some Pool or Billiards

This day is best celebrated with a little fun gathered around the pool table. Whether just grabbing some friends and joining in on a pickup pool game at a local bar or participating in billiards as a competitive sport, National Billiards & Pool Day is a great motivator. Those who really love this game and don’t want to head out to a bar or a club to play might be interested in purchasing a pool table for their own homes.

Learn More About Billiards & Pool 

Get involved with National Billiards & Pool Day by brushing up on some fun facts and sharing them with friends to raise awareness for the day. Check out some of these to get started with:

  • While the history of billiards is from royalty and the upper class, it has always been a game that was also played by the masses.

  • The first billiard room in England was built in 1765 and the game was played with only one pocket and four balls.

  • Pool is one of the safest sports in the world and rarely has injuries.

  • Billiards was the first sport with a world championship, held in 1873.

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