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Biomechanics combines the study of the function, structure and motion regarding the mechanical aspects of biological systems. This science of the movement of the living body provides insight, particularly in the world of sports and athletics, as well as rehabilitation techniques related to injury.

National Biomechanics Day is the celebration of this scientific discipline, which is considered to be the breakthrough science of the 21st century!

History of National Biomechanics Day

The first celebration of National Biomechanics Day took place in 2016 after it was co-founded by two women – Professor Jenni Buckley from the University of Delaware and Dr. Lisa Lattanza, the chair of Orthopedics at Yale University.

National Biomechanics Day is specifically geared toward high school students and their teachers, with the hope of encouraging young people to learn more about and enter into the world of biomechanics. With a particular burden for women who are often underrepresented in this field, the idea for National Biomechanics Day was meant to promote the understanding and awareness of the importance of this science.

In past years, the University of Delaware has hosted events for local high school students and teachers in celebration of National Biomechanics Day. Students have been able to experience wearing virtual reality headsets where they are transported into a different world, learning about balance as well as the link between orthotics and engineering. This is just one of the many ways that National Biomechanics Day brings this important field into the forefront of science and development!

How to Celebrate National Biomechanics Day

Check out just a couple of the variety of ways that National Biomechanics Day can be enjoyed and celebrated in order to raise awareness and include others in this riveting field of science:

Attend Some National Biomechanics Day Events

Those who are interested in celebrating National Biomechanics Day can certainly get involved by participating in the event that is hosted by the Biomechanics Initiative. Folks can head to the website to find out more about the celebration of the day, including watching videos and accessing resources around the topic of this intriguing science. Through live, virtual and hybrid events, participants can enjoy learning about the field of biomechanics.

Learn Interesting Facts About Biomechanics

One exciting way to get involved with National Biomechanics Day might be to learn more and acquire knowledge about this vital aspect of science. Then, to raise awareness for the day, share some of these fascinating bits of information with friends, family members or coworkers in celebration of the day! Get started with some of these biomechanics facts:

  • The scientific notion of biomechanics can be traced all the way back to ancient times with Aristotle and early philosophers.

  • Biomechanics began as a field of study in the United States after World War I.

  • Biomechanics is a field that has been used not only in sports and athletics, but it has also been used in theater and dance, as well as factory work.

  • Different careers within biomechanics include fields like biological science, exercise and sports science, ergonomics and human factors, engineering and more.

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