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Sometimes referred to by the name of buffalo, American bison are large grazing mammal bovines. They are related to cows, or even goats, but are not related to the water buffalo or the African buffalo. As the largest land mammal, the American bison is one of the many animal species that is at risk due to the activity of humans.

History of National Bison Day

National Bison Day seeks to raise awareness for the at-risk status of this majestic creature, the American bison. Because the bison need lots of space to roam and thrive in a habitat of prairies and semiopen grasslands, the settlement of humans on their lands in the middle and western parts of North America has significantly affected their populations in a negative manner.

American bison are now considered to be at-risk and in need of special attention. As far back as 1907, US President Theodore Roosevelt wrote about the misfortune it would be to let this species go extinct.

To celebrate the significance that the bison has played to America and its history, National Bison Day has been officially recognized by the US Senate each year since 2013.

The National Bison Legacy Act was signed into law by US President Barack Obama in May 2016, which happily ended a successful “Vote Bison” campaign to make the bison the national mammal of the United States.

Celebrated at various sites throughout the United States that are related to the conservation of the American bison, National Bison Day offers opportunities for enjoying events and activities that are organized in support of this enormous animal.

How to Celebrate National Bison Day

Join in on the fun of National Bison Day in a variety of fun ways, including some of these ideas:

Participate in Beards for Bison

One fun way to show support for the national mammal of the United States is by participating in the Beards for Bison campaign. Working easily along with Movember, or No-Shave November, Beards for Bison takes place in honor of National Bison Day.

Those who have facial hair can aim to grow it out in honor of National Bison Day, with the aim of getting their facial fur to be as long and glorious as that of a bison! And those who choose not to (or can’t) grow a beard, can still participate by wearing a fake beard for a photo and posting it on social media to raise awareness for the cause of helping to save the bison.

Make a Donation to a Bison Charity

The World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) and other charitable organizations are working hard to help the bison get the care they need for their populations to thrive into the future.

The WWF has a special Adopt a Bison program that allows sponsors to make donations that help the bison, specifically those of the Northern Great Plains in the United States. In addition, gifts and merchandise can be purchased that helps to support these animals.

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