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Consider the beauty of a shiny black coat on an adorable black puppy or a large black guard dog. No matter the size and the breed, black dogs deserve love and affection. And National Black Dog Day is the perfect time for it!

History of National Black Dog Day

Many people aren’t aware of something called “Black Dog Syndrome” which is a phenomenon where dogs with black coats or dark-colored coats are overlooked for adoption. This tendency for people to overlook black dogs might be explained by a few different factors, ranging from the fact that black hair is more obvious on furniture when dogs shed to the fact that facial expressions are difficult to see on black dogs.

Some people may even be influenced by the same idea that surrounds black cats – that represent bad luck or negative omens. Or it could simply be that black dogs blend into the background and don’t stand out as much as lighter colored dogs when people are looking for a new pet to add to their families.

Whatever the reason for this perceived bias against black dogs, National Black Dog Day was established to overcome this stigma and encourage the adoption of black dogs. The day was founded by Colleen Paige, an author and forerunner in the advocacy and promotion of pet care and fair treatment of animals.

This day is meant to be a reminder that black dogs are delightfully fun, enjoyable pets who make great companions, playmates and best friends. No matter their breed or size, black dogs make incredible pets.

National Black Dog Day is here for learning about, celebrating and loving all black dogs just as they deserve!

How to Celebrate National Black Dog Day

Loving black dogs is the activity of the day. Check out some of these ideas in celebration of National Black Dog Day:

Appreciate a Black Dog

Those who are owners of black dogs can take this day as an opportunity to enjoy, appreciate and spoil those black dogs. Get them a special treat from the local dog bakery or pick up a package of dental sticks from the pet store.

Or perhaps this would be a good time to take your stressed out black dog to the doggie spa for a little massage or to the groomers for a delightful bath, haircut and toenail trim. Whatever each individual dog enjoys is the perfect thing to do in celebration of National Black Dog Day!

Consider Adopting a Black Dog

While some people struggle with the idea of black hair on their furniture or carpet, one of the benefits of that black fur is that they don’t actually appear dirty as quickly. White and light colored dogs can very quickly look dingy around their feet or bellies, but black dogs simply don’t look as dirty simply because the dirt doesn’t show.

Whether they are being adopted as a protector or a cuddler, many breeds that come in black make incredible guard dogs, companions or even helper and guide dogs. Black Labrador Retrievers, Rottweilers, Portuguese water dogs and even Poodles can be black.

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