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December highlights our feline friends with National Cat Lovers’ Month, a time when cat enthusiasts celebrate and deepen their bond with their pets.

This special month, celebrated each December, emphasizes the joy and companionship that cats bring into our lives. With over a quarter of U.S. households owning a cat, this month is a heartfelt tribute to these cherished animal companions.

The observance of National Cat Lovers’ Month is also about raising awareness of the many cats in shelters needing homes.

Sadly, many cats in shelters are overlooked and remain unadopted. This month serves as an important reminder for potential pet owners to consider adopting and for others to support animal shelters through donations or volunteering​.

Why dedicate a whole month to cats? Beyond their adorable antics and the comfort they provide, cats play a significant role in the lives of their owners.

They can reduce stress and anxiety, offering quiet companionship that differs from that of other pets. National Cat Lovers’ Month is an ideal time to acknowledge these benefits and the profound emotional connections we share with our cats, ensuring they receive the love and care they deserve throughout the year and beyond​.

History of National Cat Lovers’ Month

National Cat Lovers’ Month, celebrated every December, traces its roots to initiatives aimed at promoting cat adoption and responsible pet ownership.

Originally, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) designated August for these activities, focusing on enhancing the welfare of cats. The effort evolved into a broader celebration, and by the mid-1990s, December was recognized as National Cat Lovers’ Month.

This shift helped align the observance with the festive season, making it easier for people to focus on adopting and caring for cats during a time of giving and community spirit.

The month serves as an opportunity to celebrate the unique bond between cats and their owners. It emphasizes the joy, companionship, and sometimes the comic relief cats bring to our lives.

It also highlights the importance of cat welfare and encourages support for animal shelters. Whether it’s through adopting a cat, volunteering at shelters, or simply appreciating the quiet comfort cats offer, National Cat Lovers’ Month fosters a deeper appreciation for these beloved pets.

The celebration continues to grow in popularity, with many cat lovers participating in various activities to show their affection and support for cats.

These include donating to cat charities, volunteering at local shelters, and enjoying the companionship cats provide, especially during the holiday season.

How to Celebrate National Cat Lovers’ Month

Host a Purr-fect Party

Why not throw a cozy get-together for fellow cat lovers? Invite friends over with their friendly felines. Make sure the space is safe for the kittie, with plenty of hideouts and cat-friendly toys.

Snacks for humans and treats for cats will make it a meow-magical affair!

Crafty Cats

Get crafty with some DIY cat toys or even a homemade cat bed. Simple materials like old socks, feathers, and strings can transform into the ultimate cat entertainment. It’s not only fun but also a fantastic way to bond with your furry friend as they pounce on their new playthings.

Cat Movie Marathon

Settle in for a night of films featuring famous felines. From the sassy antics of “Puss in Boots” to the charming chaos of “The Aristocats,” a movie marathon is a perfect way to enjoy some downtime with your cat curled up in your lap.

Support Your Local Shelter

Shelters always need help, so what better time to lend a hand than during National Cat Lovers’ Month? Whether it’s donating supplies, money, or your time, it’s a great way to give back. Consider fostering a cat; it provides temporary relief for the shelter and gives you a trial run at cat parenthood.

Learn Cat Photography

Cats are photogenic, with their mystic eyes and graceful movements. Spend some time learning how to take the perfect cat photo.

You’ll have beautiful memories of your pet and can also share stunning shots on social media to spread cat love.

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