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Chianti is a dry, red wine that hails from Italy, specifically from the northern region of Tuscany of the same name. Wines from the Chianti region can vary quite a bit, but they carry some distinct similarities, which includes the fact that these wines tend to have notes that are floral and spicy in their early years but develop more earth tones as they age. 

A few decades ago, due to some low-quality grapes and subpar growing practices along with overproduction, Chianti wines gained a bit of a low reputation. But in more recent years, the growing and grapes have changed allowing the quality of Chianti wines to be much improved.

National Chianti Day is here to celebrate this unique history and the joy that these wines bring to the glass and the table still today!

History of National Chianti Day

While the history of Chianti wine can be traced back many centuries, the origins of National Chianti Day are much more recent. In fact, it wasn’t until 2020 that this day was established through the efforts of Santa Margherita USA, which is the importer of Lamole di Lamole, a famous Italian Chianti wine. The purposes behind the day are simple: to celebrate and show appreciation for the flavors and traditions of this incredible Tuscan wine.

Each year, on a special Friday in September, wine lovers and connoisseurs are encouraged to enjoy a leisurely glass of Chianti wine, with the joy of celebrating its rich heritage and unique, complex flavors!

How to Celebrate National Chianti Day

Enjoy a delightful wine journey in celebration of National Chianti Day, with some of these ideas to get started celebrating:

Open a Bottle of Chianti

Wine collectors might have been saving a bottle of wine for a special occasion and National Chianti Day may be just the right time to open it up! Invite a friend or neighbor, grab a few glasses and take some time to relish in the distinct flavors provided by a bottle of this dry red wine filled with excellent tannins.

Apply Tips for Choosing Chianti Wines

Some people who don’t feel educated enough about wines might feel a bit intimidated by trying to choose a wine. In honor of National Chianti Day, it might be helpful to consider some of these expert tips when choosing a Chianti:

  • Look at the blend. 20-30% of the grapes will be Merlot, Syrah, Cabernet or another regional grape, which will influence the flavor 
  • Consider the age of the wine, as younger Chiantis will have a fruity, tart flavor while older versions might be more mellow and savory
  • Choose a meal that pairs well with Chianti, such as red-sauce pastas, pizzas or hearty meat dishes

Learn About Chianti Wines 

An excellent way to show some appreciation and celebrate National Chanti Day might be to gain a bit more knowledge about this incredible type of wine.

  • The name ‘Chianti’ may not have appeared until the 13th century, but winemakers have been producing this type of wine in this area of Italy for more than 2000 years

  • Standard grade Chianti wines contain a minimum of 70% Sangiovese grapes and Chianti Classico contains at least 80% of Sangiovese grapes

  • Different types of Chianti wines go through different aging processes, ranging from 3-6 months for standard Chianti to up to 30 months for the highest quality Gran Selezione

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