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Although most people are fond of piling all kinds of different toppings onto their favourite pizzas, National Cheese Pizza Day takes things back to the basics by celebrating the humble cheese pizza pie in all of its glory.

History of National Cheese Pizza Day

Bizarrely, pizza – especially a basic cheese pizza – was regarded by its Italian inventors as a food for the lower classes who could not afford the luxury of meats. The ingredients are cheap, requiring just flour, yeast and water to make a basic dough, with toppings often being picked from local trees and made from local milk. But even if it’s cheap, the results are still absolutely delicious!

It is estimated that there are more than 70,000 pizzerias across the United States, demonstrating how pizza has been adopted into the national psyche, and the industry is worth more than $40 billion dollars each year in the US. Even beyond that, pizza is a well known dish that has made appearances all over the world.

But no matter where people are located on the map, now is the time to celebrate National Cheese Pizza Day!

How to Celebrate National Cheese Pizza Day

Celebrating National Cheese Pizza Day isn’t difficult at all. All it takes is a little dough, some sauce and, of course, that ooey-gooey cheese, which is the star of the show that gives this delicious pizza its name.

Eat a Cheese Pizza

Easy to access, Cheese Pizza is usually one of the least expensive items on the menu. Affordably priced and easy to come by, the best way to celebrate National Cheese Pizza Day would be to grab some friends and enjoy a few slices of cheese pizza together.

Make a Cheese Pizza

For those who want to try to make their own pizza in honor of the day, it’s really not that hard! Making the dough at home can be pretty simple, with flour, warm water and yeast (and possibly a bit of sugar). But, to make it even easier, it’s possible to buy pre-made refrigerated pizza crust which can be used to make the dough.

Then, simply top with some red sauce doctors up with herbs and spices, and then add a pile of delicious shredded mozzarella cheese on top. For a special touch, brush some olive oil along the edges of the crust and sprinkle some garlic salt on too. Bake and then enjoy!

Get Free or Discounted Pizza on National Cheese Pizza Day

Some pizza chains are into giving away free or super cheap pizzas on this most excellent day. The deals change each year so it’s best to check what’s current, but in the past these restaurants have offered special deals for National Cheese Pizza Day:

  • Pasqually’s Pizza and Wings. The lesser known cousin of Chuck E. Cheese’s, this pizza joint has been known to offer a free large cheese pizza with the purchase of a large speciality pizza. This is great news for a family or a group of friends.
  • Stoner’s Pizza Joint. Known throughout the southwestern states of the US, this pizza place also offers a free large cheese pizza with the purchase of a large pizza.
  • Marco’s Pizza. With more than a thousand stores in this chain, Marco’s has certainly been willing to give away a LOT of pizza for this day! They have been known to offer a free medium cheese pizza with the purchase of a large or extra large pizza when ordered for pickup.

Get the World’s Most Expensive Pizza

Whether certain people are fans of a deep dish from Chicago, or they prefer the more authentic Italian thin base pizza, now this day offers a special excuse to indulge! For those who really want to spoil themselves, head down to Pizza Luis XIII restaurant in Salerno, Italy, where the world’s most expensive pizza has been created – costing something in the ballpark of $12,000!

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