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Show some love for your skin and for the planet by celebrating National Clean Beauty Day. Find amazing ways to get involved with the day that raises awareness about clean beauty and its impact on your own life and those you love, as well as for the larger community!

History of National Clean Beauty Day

National Clean Beauty Day got its start in 2020 through an American beauty company called Juice Beauty. This company, headquartered in California, is a pioneer in the beauty industry that started in 2005 on the principle that cosmetics that start with healthy and clean juices would deliver the same benefits as other cosmetic brands that have a more traditional approach.

With a vow to create the highest possible performance skincare products, Juice Beauty was created by Karen Behnke, an expert in the wellness and fitness industry. Pregnant at the age of 40, Behnke was discouraged as she looked for beauty products that did not contain potentially harmful ingredients. She eventually founded her own company, Juice Beauty, to make products with authentically organic ingredients that would not create a risk through skin absorption. Since that time, the brand has been an inspiration for other beauty brands to move toward using healthier ingredients that are farmed organically and rich in antioxidants.

In addition to natural products, the company is also committed to sustainability in their business practices, from manufacturing and packaging to sustainable headquarters offices as well as a solar-powered organic farm. Juice Beauty works in partnership with a number of different national retailers to make their beauty products accessible, including Ulta Beauty, Sephora, Target and many others.

In celebration of Juice Beauty’s fifteenth anniversary, National Clean Beauty Day was founded with the hope of raising awareness about beauty brands and products that use organic, plant-based ingredients. Each year, the celebration of National Clean Beauty Day continues to grow as more people become aware of and involved in this movement toward beauty products that are more natural and healthful.

How to Celebrate National Clean Beauty Day

Try Clean Beauty Products

One of the most important factors in celebrating National Clean Beauty Day is to consider which beauty products are truly healthy and natural! Some experts believe that a person shouldn’t put anything on their skin with ingredients that they wouldn’t eat, because the idea is that the body absorbs these chemicals and other substances which could potentially cause harm.

While it may be expensive to throw out everything and start over, perhaps once a month it would be a good idea to trade a previously-used brand of an item with a newer, cleaner brand. It’s a great way to start slowly. Choose from brands like Juice Beauty, Codex, Versed, and Loli just to name a few that offer organic sourcing and sustainable business practices.

Learn More About Clean Beauty 

One way to get more connected with National Clean Beauty Day is to learn more about the movement and figure out how to get involved. When exploring the world of beauty, there are lots of terms and language, labels and words that can get pretty confusing. Some harmless ingredients, like ascorbic acid, can sound kind of scary until the realization comes that this is just another word for Vitamin C! Other terms like cruelty-free, vegan, nontoxic, parabens, and GMO can all seem overwhelming.

Here are some things to know about clean beauty:

  • Products labeled as “clean” beauty may vary from brand to brand, but it typically means that these products are safe for use by humans and do not contain any toxic ingredients.

  • Some labels may indicate they are “natural”, which means they can be found in nature (not synthetic) – but that doesn’t necessarily mean these natural ingredients are harmless or not irritating to the skin.

  • It’s important to look up unrecognizable ingredients on a label. This can be done while standing in the store, or take a photo of it and look it up online later.

  • The clean beauty movement works to raise awareness about the impact of certain beauty products on the earth’s sustainability, so don’t forget about keeping clean for the earth, too, by buying products that use recycled packaging and environmentally friendly manufacturing practices.

Make Your Own Clean Beauty Products

An excellent way to ensure products come from healthy sources might be to make them at home. That way, a person can always know exactly what they are putting on their body! Tons of easy recipes can be found online, and most of these use ingredients that can be purchased at a local grocery store, in the organic section, of course.

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