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You know what the best bait for fishing for people with a sweet tooth is? If you guessed the gummy worm, you’re in the right place with the right sense of humor. Gummy candies have been around a while, but nothing strikes our fancy like a rich chocolate brownie topped with green frosting and a gummy work sticking out of it. But honestly, we’re happy to have them right out of the bag. Gummy Worm Day celebrates these stretchy, stringy, gummy, delicious treats.

History of Gummi Worm Day

Before we can talk about Gummi Worms, we have to talk about Gummi Bears. Gummi Bears were the original Gummi candy created by the Haribo company in 1920. These delicious ursine candies came in a broad variety of fruit flavors and were intended for both adults and children to enjoy. The secret to these little candies gumminess is from a careful mixture of special ingredients, the most important being the gelatin that helps to give the candy its form, and the sugar and citric acid that gives it its flavor.

From these initial gummi candies, many other types and shapes came into existence, but none of them could take the crown from the popular gummi bear. It wasn’t until Trolli created the gummi worm that this changed. Gummi worms were fun to eat, they could easily be used to create creative desserts, and were even more fun (in our opinion) to eat than gummi bears!

Gummi Worm Day was organized to celebrate the fellow confectionary monarch to the gummi bear, and the amazing Trolli company that brought it into existence. Gummi worms comes in even more flavors and varieties than the original gummi bear, including all the basic flavors, sweet and sour flavors, and our personal favorite, the sour gummi worm.

How to celebrate Gummi Worm Day

Celebrating Gummi Worm Day is delicious! You just have to get out there into the world and find your favorite variety of gummi worm. Once you have it in your grasps, devour it without hesitation, savoring the flavors and textures that comes from this iconic candy. If you want to get creative, you can get bake delicious devil food cakes with gummi worms sticking out of them.

For our more adult set, we recommend using gummi bears in the preparation of alcoholic beverages in small aquariums. The gummi’s will add a sweet tang and soak up the alcohol, making the perfect adult treats for a hot summer evening.