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While it’s amazing that many people in the modern world have access to pretty much any music they want at any time through the internet, there is certainly nothing quite like the joy and buzz that is experienced when attending a live performance. Get that groove on and show some love and support to musical performers by celebrating National Concert Day. 

History of National Concert Day

Concerts and live musical performances have been part of basically every human culture for thousands of years. In fact, for most of history, the only way to experience music was through live concerts. It wasn’t until recording technology was invented in the late 1800s that it became possible to record and replay music. But even with access to this technology, anyone who has ever been to a concert knows that live music is just incredible and worth celebrating!

National Concert Day had its inaugural celebration in 2015 when it was established by the entertainment company Live Nation Entertainment. The idea behind the day was to remind people how much they love concerts – and to celebrate the fans, artists and support crew that make various live concert performances possible.

As it continues to be supported and promoted by the international Live Nation concert promotion and ticketing agency, this day has been growing in scope throughout the globe. The unfortunate events of 2020 and 2021 put a bit of a halt to National Concert Day, but since the pandemic the day has bounced back with even more excitement and fervor.

How to Celebrate National Concert Day

Get excited about live music performances and have loads of fun by celebrating National Concert Day! Initiate some creative ideas for enjoying this day, or check out some of these plans and activities to get started with:

Make Plans to Attend a Concert

Of course, the most important activity a person can engage with in honor of National Concert Day would be to buy tickets and make plans to attend a concert. Whether it comes in the form of a national tour where a major name is performing, or if it’s a simple house show that features a small local band, this is the right time to do it. Perhaps it would be fun to gather some friends to attend a symphony together, or gather at a pub or bar to listen to some jazz musicians jamming. Whatever the style of music, the sky’s the limit when it comes to National Concert Day!

Put on a Concert

Local musicians, event planners, community leaders and others can get involved with National Concert Day by arranging and putting on a musical concert event. Celebrate the day in style by offering free concerts in the park, scheduling gigs for various music shops or bars, or making a big deal out of it by booking a large venue far in advance. This is an ideal time to get creative and involved, raising awareness about the benefits that live music provides while also inviting others to join in.

Make a National Concert Day Soundtrack

A fun way that many music lovers like to celebrate different days of the year is by making a playlist that goes along with the themes of various days. Even those who can’t take the day off to attend a concert don’t have to miss out because they can listen to a playlist of live concert music no matter where they happen to be. Hop onto Spotify, Apple Music or some other online platform and create a playlist out of a range of live concerts, whether pop music, jazz, hip hop, or classical styles of music.

Check out some of these most famous soundtracks of live concerts in the popular genre that can be added to a playlist:

  • Queen at Live Aid in Wembley Stadium, UK (1985)
  • Michael Jackson with The Dangerous Tour in Bucharest, Romania (1992)
  • The Beatles at Shea Stadium in Queens, New York (1965)
  • Stevie Wonder at Glastonbury Festival, UK (2010)

Show Support to a Musician

An excellent thing to consider in honor of National Concert Day would be if there are musicians in local life who need some love, support or encouragement. Being a budding musician can sometimes feel like a lonely road, wondering if there is a place in the world for them. Those who have friends or family members who are musicians might want to observe this day by inviting a musician friend over for dinner, asking them about the musical pieces they are working on, and encouraging them in their pursuit of being a musical performer.

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