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Anyone who is half of a pair might enjoy celebrating National Couple’s Day!

History of National Couple’s Day

Love isn’t always easy but, when two people pair together to make a couple, it can create a whole lot of fun! Couples who are committed to each other can enjoy celebrating National Couple’s Day.

Whether it is celebrated as an alternative to Valentine’s Day (almost exactly 6 months later) or a much needed supplement in between Valentine’s Days each year, National Couple’s Day offers a delightful way to enjoy being part of a pair.

National Couple’s Day Timeline

Beginning of Time

Adam and Eve

The first couple written about in human history, the story goes that Adam and Eve were actually made for each other.

30 BC

Cleopatra and Mark Antony 

Filled with power, passion and politics, the love story of this cross-cultural couple is a most famous tale.[1]


Elizabeth Barrett and Robert Browning marry 

These two poets meet after she reads one of his pieces and they begin writing to each other. The two elope and eventually flee to Italy.[2]


King Edward VIII leaves the throne for love 

As King of England, Edward’s love affair with Wallis Simpson was opposed by the church and the government, an American divorcee (she was married to her second husband when they met). So he gave up the throne for her.[3]


Same sex couple marriage is legalized in the US 

With the passing of the Obergefell v. Hodges decision, the US Supreme Court rules that same sex marriage cannot be banned in any of the United States or territories.[4]

How to Celebrate National Couple’s Day

Enjoying and paying heed to this day is great for those who are part of a couple, or for those who have a couple that they admire and love! Try out some of these ideas for celebrating and honoring National Couples Day:

Spend Time with Your Other Half

Those who are half of a couple can take some extra time on National Couple’s Day to show their partner how much they are appreciated and loved. Whether by writing a card or love letter, giving a bouquet of hand-picked flowers or doing some activities together, this is a great time to renew affections for one another.

This isn’t necessarily a day for exchanging gifts. In fact, most solid couples know that the best way to show each other how much you care is by just being together.

Learn About Famous Couples

Adam and Eve. Antony and Cleopatra. Romeo and Juliet. The world loves to hear the story of a couple! Whether it’s a romantic and passionate journey or just the long road of two people who have overcome obstacles, learning about couples in history can act as a good reminder for couples who are trying to persevere in modern times.

Consider reading a book or doing some internet research about some of these famous couples who can inspire and impress:

  • Queen Victoria and Prince Albert

    Back in the time when it was okay to marry your first cousin, Victoria fell in love with Albert at first sight. Married for 21 years, the queen was so grief-stricken when he died that she wore mourning black for the next 40 years.

  • Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King

    Introduced by a mutual friend, these two activists fought for rights with non-violence and peaceful protest. Married for only 15 years before her husband was assassinated, Coretta continued on with his legacy for more than three decades until her own death.

  • Robert Rauschenberg and Jasper Johns

    These two artists made a critical impact on the world of modern art, particularly dominating the art scene in 1950s New York City. Though their relationship didn’t last, their effect on the art world did.

Show Random Acts of Affection

This is a great day to throw your partner off track by being particularly affectionate and doing the little things that they love. Place a sticky note on the bathroom mirror to tell them how much they are loved. Call them in the middle of the day for no reason.

Enjoy a leisurely walk in the park together. Put on a song that is meaningful in your relationship and dance in the middle of the living room. Or make a special visit to the place where you first met.

No matter what kindness or care is taken, it’s great to make National Couple’s Day an occasion to remember and celebrate!

Watch a Film for National Couple’s Day

Those who don’t feel like doing reading or research about famous or important couples might want to, instead, watch a movie about them. Plenty of couple stories have been told that bring to light the power of different couples throughout history. Try out some of these movie ideas for starters:

  • Radioactive (2020). While this film is certainly about the discovery of the science behind nuclear power, the underlying story is based on the real relationship between Madame Marie Curie and her husband, Pierre. Based on a graphic novel of the same name, it stars Rosamund Pike and Sam Riley.
  • Walk the Line (2005). This movie starring Reese Witherspoon and Joaquin Phoenix tells the true story of the 35 year relationship between country singers and musicians Johnny Cash and June Carter.
  • Loving (2016). An American couple who fought for the right to be married – because she was black and he was white – the Lovings won a Supreme Court case against Virginia in 1967. This film tells the story of getting thrown out of their home and eventually gaining the right to go back.
  • Southside with You (2016). Detailing the first date between Barack Obama and his future wife, Michelle, this film chronicles an afternoon in 1989 when Barack wooed Michelle on the south side of Chicago.

Remember Why You’re a Couple

Couples who have been together for many years–or even decades–might need a bit of a reminder about why they are together and what makes them so great as a couple. Perhaps it would be fun, in honor of National Couple’s Day, to have a date night where you make a list of the reasons you are better together. Use this list to express gratitude and appreciation for one another not only on this day, but as a habit and rhythm of life.

Make a National Couple’s Day Playlist

Whether classic or new, this would be a great time to take a walk down memory lane with a list of songs on Spotify, Pandora or some other platform. It’s like a modern day mixtape! Choose songs that are reminiscent of this beautiful relationship. Pick some of your favorites, or try out some of these ideas to get started:

  • Still the One by Orleans (1976). This classic song channels the inner life of a long-term, committed relationship. “You’re still the one that makes me shout, still the one that I dream about, we’re still having fun and you’re still the one.”
  • When a Man Loves a Woman by Percy Sledge (1966). Quickly climbing to Number One on R&B and Billboard Hot 100, this song inspired the title of a 1994 film of the same name starring Andy Garcia and Meg Ryan.
  • Let’s Stay Together by Al Green (1972). The title song for Al Green’s album, the lyrics speak of loving “whether times are good or bad, happy or sad.”
  • Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran (2014). English singer-songwriter, Ed Sheeran, draws in anyone who has ever dreamed of being a long-term couple, with his song about looking forward to loving his partner at age seventy.

National Couple’s Day FAQs

Do couples start to look alike?

No, this is just a theory that has been debunked by science.[1]

Are couples supposed to argue?

Although every couple is different, it is not uncommon for couples to have different opinions that may lead to arguments. Some even say that most couples should be fighting more often![2]

Can couples work together?

While some companies do not allow this, many couples who do work together or start a business together can make great working partners.[3]

Can couples be buried in the same casket?

It really depends on where you live, what the local rules are, and if you die at the same time. Technically, it could work for some people in some places.[4]

Does couples therapy work?

Couples therapy can be a helpful way for two people to grow and solve problems that might otherwise erode their relationship. It can be effective up to 75% of the time.[5]

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