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National Email Day celebrates the significance of electronic mail in the digital age.

Some people like it for the convenience, but others hate it for the distraction. Regardless of anyone’s stance, it’s undeniable that this technology is now intertwined with modern life. It has shaped our personal and professional communications with quickness and efficiency that past generations would never have imagined.

National Email Day honors the impact that email has on our lives in the digital era.

History of National Email Day

National Email Day was first celebrated in 2022. It was an initiative spearheaded by a popular email verification and validation tool, ZeroBounce. The date chosen is in honor of the birthday of Ray Tomlinson, an American computer scientist who rolled out the earliest successful email program in 1971.

Growing email from an idea that sounded a bit like science fiction to the global communication tool we have today is nothing short of pure genius.

Before Tomlinson cracked the code, digital messaging was only possible between users on the same computer. To enable between computers on different hosts, Tomlinson had the idea of inserting the @ sign in the username. It’s the same familiar protocol we still use today.

The Internet Hall of Fame even acknowledges Tomlinson’s achievement. They include his early email as a “complete revolution, fundamentally changing the way people communicate.”

In the decades since Tomlinson sent that first message, technology has continued to evolve, adapting to an increasingly digital world. Today, it’s a vital tool for business and personal use.

From delivering marketing messages and taking orders to organizing our bill-paying, one might ask:

Where would we be without this indispensable tool?

National Email Day is not only about remembering those first days of this fantastic technology. Instead, it is about how we use it to make our lives easier and imagine new possibilities that future computer scientists will develop.

How to Celebrate National Email Day

Celebrating National Email Day can take many forms, so celebrate it in whatever way works best:

Reflect on the Role of Email

People celebrating may want to take a moment to reflect on how email has made their life easier, and think about the first email they ever sent or received. Or how email content has evolved, becoming so personalized over the years. In a social media post, they might also share their thoughts about how email improves their life.

Organize Your Inbox

Use this day to declutter inboxes, unsubscribe from unwanted newsletters, organize emails into folders and delete old or no longer needed messages. Advanced users may want to set up some filters or rules to help manage inboxes more efficiently after the cleanup efforts.

Learn About Email Security

Learn how to improve email security and privacy, and how to spot a phishing attempt. Change passwords to something more robust. Share tips with friends and family to help them secure their email accounts. Who knows? This may create a ripple effect of cyber awareness.

Send a Thoughtful Email

In the spirit of the National Email Day, write and send a thoughtful email to friends and family. Drop them a note of appreciation, or make time for a long-overdue catch-up. Or simply send them a quick hello. Personalize messages with a fond memory or a shared joke to make it more meaningful.

Educational Workshops

Attend a workshop on using email daily, increasing work efficiency, digital marketing, or personal communications. Going to an ongoing education session can be a great way to network with others who share your interest in digital communication and learn from experts in the field.

Create an Email Time Capsule

Some may want to write an email to their future self by reflecting on their current life, aspirations, and thoughts. Use a web-based app to deliver this email on a future National Email Day. It will be fun to see how much has changed over time.

Volunteer to Teach Older Adults

Spend a few hours teaching older generations or those unfamiliar with email technology how to set up and use an email account. Help them unlock a new realm of possibilities – they can communicate with grandkids, catch up with friends, and feel more included in today’s world. Time spent on this outreach can be rewarding as it’s giving back to the community and helping bridge the digital divide.

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