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The cyber world has brought so many advantages to individuals and companies, making the world a much smaller place. But it has also vastly expanded the various ways that hackers and criminals can work to steal identities and commit fraud. 2FA Day is here to celebrate just one of the ways this type of online fraud can be prevented! 

History of 2FA Day

While the technology was developed as early as the late 1980s, the use of two-factor authentication started to become popular in the 2000s as a way of preventing fraudulent access to personal and business accounts. This type of verification works in addition to the first “factor”, which is simply the practice of changing passwords on a regular basis.

Today, most people have come across this type of security that combines the use of a computer with authentication through a security key or a changing code that is texted to a cell phone or a smartphone app. This may also be referred to as multi-factor authentication.

Also called Second Factor Day, or 2nd Factor Day, 2FA Day provides the world with the unique opportunity to celebrate the safety and security of their online privacy. World 2FA Day got its start in 2022 with its purpose to call attention to the extra layer of protection they can find in their online accounts with just a minimal added step. This adds another layer of protection against identity theft, financial fraud and more.

The decision to place 2FA Day on February 2nd comes from the fact that the name of the day is situated right within the date: 2nd of FebruAry. See how clever that is? And it’s easy to remember too!

Stay safe and secure in the cyber world every day with the reminder that 2FA Day offers by verifying that all of those accounts are protected in honor of this day. 

How to Celebrate 2FA Day

Everyone can feel just a bit safer from online attacks when they know their 2FA is in order! Check out some of these ideas for observing 2FA Day:

Spread the Word About 2FA Day

One of the most helpful ways to keep friends and family safe online is to encourage them to participate in two-factor authentication for all of their online accounts. This includes bank accounts, credit cards, student log-ins, online gaming, commerce sites and so much more.

Share the love by telling friends about different facts and figures regarding 2FA and how it can protect people from phishing scams and automated bots, as well as targeted attacks. For those companies who don’t offer 2FA, this would be a great time to make a request!

Help a Loved One Get 2FA

Encouraging older folks or a friend who has less online experience to get their accounts in order might be a particular goal of celebrating 2FA Day. Folks who are not as tech-savvy may not realize how much this type of protection is really useful. Perhaps this would be a great day to head over to Grandma’s house and help her set up the extra two-factor authentication protection on her various accounts and then teach her how to use it!

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