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For those who love Emo music, Emo fashion and Emo culture, this is the day to celebrate – in a dark and emotional way, of course. It’s time to embrace National Emo Day.

History of National Emo Day

Getting its start in the 1980s, the Emo subculture and genre of music was born out of post-hardcore, alternative rock, indie rock and punk rock. The signature of Emo is the lyrics that lean particularly toward an emotional nature. Bands such as Jimmy Eat World, Fallout Boy and Weezer were some of the most well known Emo groups that broke through into a more mainstream place.

Emo bands and followers often have a signature way that they dress, wearing a lot of black clothing, pale skin with heavy eye makeup, studded belts and jewelry, band tees and facial or body piercings.

Today, National Emo Day is notable as a day when people show appreciation for and understanding toward those who find themselves in the Emo world, its music and its diversified pop culture.

So whether this is the day to get a mohawk, wear a spiky hairdo or don that thick eyeliner or black lipstick, National Emo Day is ready to be celebrated!

How to Celebrate National Emo Day

Get involved with National Emo Day – but try to stay chill and don’t show too much excitement. Consider celebrating with some of these ideas:

Listen to Emo Music

The first order of business on National Emo Day is to get in the mood by listening to some classic Emo tunes. Make up a playlist on Spotify or get some Apple tunes gathered, and get started with some of these:

  • The Middle by Jimmy Eat World (2001). Formed in 1993 in Mesa, Arizona, this band has released at least ten studio albums, and this song is one of the most popular of the band’s career.
  • Say It Ain’t So by Weezer (1994). One of the earlier Emo bands, Weezer started in Los Angeles in 1992 and Say it Ain’t So was a single from the band’s self-titled debut album.
  • For Want Of by Rites of Spring (1985). This hardcore punk band rejected being labeled as Emo, but their fans would say otherwise. This was one of the songs that led out in the Emo movement in Washington DC in the summer of 1985.
  • In Circles by Sunny Day Real Estate (1994). Another one of the bands that got the Emo movement started, Sunny Day Real Estate. Of course, by the end of the next year, two of the band members of this Seattle band had left and joined the Foo Fighters.

Be Cool and Be Emo

Though it certainly comes with certain types of dress and music, the Emo culture is more about the emotion of art that comes with it. In honor of National Emo Day, take some time to enjoy and appreciate some art, or even create some yourself. Write a poem, draw a picture or compose a song in celebration of the day.

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