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National Re-Gifting Day

Passing along the fun surprises we can't use — it's recycling with a sprinkle of unexpected joy.

Look for an Evergreen Day

Taking time to notice the vibrant colors and unique shapes of plants in your neighborhood, a simple way to connect with nature.

National Hard Candy Day

Colorful and sweet, bringing back memories of childhood. From fruity to minty, they're perfect for satisfying a sweet tooth craving anytime.

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How to celebrate Dec 19th

Ever wondered how to mix celebrating heroes, re-gifting, evergreen trees, hard candy, emo music, and oatmeal muffins into one epic day? Grab your favorite hero-themed attire, whip up some oatmeal muffins for breakfast, and head to a local park to search for the perfect evergreen. Don’t forget to bring along some hard candy to snack on while you wander. As you admire the trees, channel your inner hero and strike a pose. Take photos for social media, sharing your heroic spirit with the world.

Next, swing by a thrift store to pick up a quirky re-gift for a friend. Add a heartfelt note expressing your appreciation for their friendship. Blast some emo tunes in the car as you make your way to surprise them with your thoughtful gesture.

Cap off the day with a cozy evening at home, indulging in your oatmeal muffins while watching a favorite hero movie. Let the emo music play softly in the background as you unwind and reflect on the joy of celebrating life’s unusual quirks. Enjoy the mix of flavors and experiences that make each day truly unique.

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National Emo Day

Emo is more than just a music genre, it's a subculture. From fashion to lyrics, emo music has influenced an entire generation.

National Oatmeal Muffin Day

Combine a classic cake with a healthy grain to create a scrumptious baked good and share these treats round the office or in the playground.


A Blue Christmas

While most of us are at home opening presents, emergency workers are on duty, ensuring the safety of their communities over the holidays.

is part of…

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Supporting bowel cancer research through facial hair growth, spreading awareness, and fostering solidarity in the community.

Gift Of Sight Month

Our eyes are the windows to the world, and it's essential to cherish them. Protecting your sight is a gift for life.

Operation Santa Paws

Helping furry friends in need, giving a paw up to shelters, and being a voice for those who can't speak for themselves.

Worldwide Food Service Safety Month

Ensuring that your favorite eateries follow top-notch protocols behind the scenes for everyone's well-being and satisfaction.

National Write A Business Plan Month

Mapping out a roadmap for a venture, sketching the blueprint that transforms innovative ideas into thriving businesses, step by step.

National Tie Month

Spicing up outfits with those sleek, fabric accessories that effortlessly add a dash of personality and professionalism.

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