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Of course, any day is a good day for a father to pursue his daughter and bond with her in their relationship, but this day acts as an added reminder for dads to prioritize their little (or not so little!) girls.

History of National Father Daughter Take a Walk Day

The background of National Father Daughter Take a Walk Day can be traced back to the 1970s with the purpose of encouraging dads to spend more time with their daughters. Culturally, at the time, it might have been more comfortable for men to spend time with their sons doing things they could bond over, like working on cars, playing sports or other activities.

As gender expectations and roles have changed over the years, the roles of fathers have become much more involved in the lives of their children. Parents are doing great encouraging their daughters and sons to do what they love, instead of just what is expected of them. No matter what interests they have, kids need to spend time with both of their parents – not just the one who is the same gender.

National Father Daughter Take a Walk Day encourages men to do a very simple thing by engaging with their daughters, no matter their age. From tiny infants who need to be carried on a walk to fully grown women who are interested in advice from their dads, all females can benefit from the investment of time that their fathers are willing to make.

How to Celebrate National Father Daughter Take a Walk Day

Check out some of these ideas to get started thinking about creative ways to celebrate National Father Daughter Take a Walk Day:

Take a Walk with Your Dad or Daughter

The first order of business on this day is for fathers and daughters to be sure to take a walk together. Fathers of young girls will need to initiate this activity, perhaps even building it in as a regular habit of spending one-on-one time together. For girls who are older, whether teens or grown women, this might be an important time for daughters to invite their dads to go on a walk in celebration of National Father Daughter Take a Walk Day!

Spend Time with Your Daughter or Father

For some people, taking a walk might not be preferred or possible, but that doesn’t mean they can’t celebrate National Father Daughter Take a Walk Day. For fathers and daughters who live far away, maybe scheduling a video call is in order to observe the day. Or paying a visit to do another favorite activity such as playing a game of chess or watching a film together and then discussing it. No matter what the activity, the point of the day is to be sure to invest in that all-important relationship between fathers and daughters.

Host a Father Daughter Event

Community leaders, school administrators and others might be interested in building a community event around National Father Daughter Take a Walk Day. Invite families to a 5K walk that could be incorporated into a charity event to raise funds for an organization — perhaps one that supports kids who don’t have fathers or whose fathers are incarcerated. This is a great time to bring families together to support relationships!

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