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Things have changed a lot in the past decades, where once marriage was a life-long institution and divorce practically unheard of, now more than half of all marriages end in divorce. This isn’t as bad a thing as it sounds, as many of those ‘lifelong marriages’ were held together in spite of internal abuse, general unhappiness, and worse due to societal pressures. Regardless of your opinion on divorce and marriage, something good has come from this new paradigm, and that’s the stepfamily. Stepfamily Day recognizes all those who live in blended families.

History of Stepfamily Day

Being part of a stepfamily can be really challenging, you’re coming into a place with people that weren’t part of your family before, and suddenly they’re uncles, sisters, brothers, even parents to you. How confusing must it be for people who yesterday weren’t related at all to suddenly be considered your siblings? That being said, growing up with a Stepfamily can be really rewarding, especially when everybody works together to overcome the challenges and create an amazing blended family.

To make things even more difficult, if you’re part of a Stepfamily, it almost certainly means that you’ve recently had to deal with going through a divorce. This brings up all sorts of challenges, jealousy amongst siblings and birth parents, and the hostilities that doubtless led to the end of the previous marriage.

These certainly aren’t part of everyone’s experience, and in fact they don’t have to be the experience that you have. Stepfamilies come together every day that are strong and act like an extended family rather than a divided one. Stepfamily Day is dedicated to appreciating those who have joined your family, and educating yourself on the challenges you face so you can overcome them together.

How to celebrate Stepfamily Day

Start the day off by telling your stepfamily that you love them, and appreciate them for being there with you through the challenges you face together. Then spend the day with them working to build your relationship further, and celebrate how far you’ve come together. If you’re struggling with your stepfamily, express a desire to build things back up and cement your family closer, there’s a lot of moving pieces in a stepfamily, and only through a conjoined effort can you hope to have everything work out beautiful. Stepfamily Day reminds you that it’s an everyday process, and it can definitely get better, easier, and more rewarding through time.