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Many individuals in the workforce struggle to find balance that allows them to keep everything going because of their various circumstances. With households that have two or more jobs, children, aging parents and other community responsibilities, it can be very difficult for many people to maintain balance without entering into burnout mode. 

National Flexible Working Day is here to act as a reminder that the definition of the time of place of employment has been evolving, celebrating the ways that people can find a more healthy life balance through flexible working situations.

History of National Flexible Working Day

National Flexible Working Day got its start in 2023 when it was founded by a group of people in London who desired to draw attention to and shine a light on the increasing importance of flexibility in the working lives of people all over the world. The idea is to raise awareness about how flexible work is not only a nice perk but, in many cases, this allows different individuals to remain in or return to the workforce.

Show some love and appreciation for the evolution of work-life balance by observing National Flexible Working Day! It’s a great time to take a random afternoon off in the middle of the week, work extra hours so that it’s possible to have a long weekend, or work in those pajamas while telecommuting.

How to Celebrate National Flexible Working Day

Looking for ideas and plans to enjoy National Flexible Working Day? Check out some of these to get started with:

Celebrate Flexible Working at Work

Those who work or manage teams that do have access to flexible working might want to celebrate by having a little gathering at the office. Bring in coffee and bagels, take the team out to lunch, or have some other festivities to show appreciation for how hard the team works on National Flexible Working Day.

Start a Conversation About Flexible Working

Employees of companies that have yet to adopt these principles might want to take this time to advocate for it. Whether it means working from home a few days a week, having flexible start and end times for the workday, or creating shared work positions between those who only want to work part time, National Flexible Working Day is a great time to make a pitch to a company manager to promote these ideas!

Learn More About Flexible Working 

Employers and companies who have been slow to get on board with flexible working might want to take National Flexible Working Day as an opportunity to consider how to further their adoption of flexible working.

Learn more with some of these facts about flexible working:

  • Employees who work flexible hours are known to have increased productivity and are absent from work less often

  • Flexible working produces a healthier work-life balance which can reduce stress and prevent burnout or other mental health issues

  • The best employees and top talent are attracted to companies that offer flexible working opportunities

  • Employers who promote telecommuting can save money – up to $11,000 or more per year for each employee who works remotely just two or three days a week

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