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American football’s Super Bowl, hosted by the National Football League (NFL), is an event to behold. Originally enjoyed by mostly just football fans, the annual event has grown to become an iconic cultural event in the US. Complete with gatherings, big screen televisions and – for a lucky few – tickets to attend the event live, the Super Bowl always takes place on a Sunday in February and is often one of the biggest parties of the year!

History of National Football Hangover Day

From its introduction in 1967, the Superbowl has been growing in popularity. Even people who don’t really like football will attend a Super Bowl party just for the food, drinks and fun!

Because it is one of the most-watched sporting events on American television, a lot of money is poured into advertising – which has become its own form of entertainment. And with a half-time show where massively famous musicians typically perform, the whole event is something to behold.

And then there’s the day after… Since the game takes place on a Sunday, and there’s often a tendency to drink a little too much, the Monday after the Super Bowl may come with its own event: a hangover. In fact, so many people have stayed up too late and had too much to drink, employers report that millions of people fail to show up to work the next day. Perhaps this day might even be something akin to National Sickie Day!

Getting its start in 2019, the idea for National Football Hangover Day was established by Katie Nolan, host of ESPN’s Always Late with Katie Nolan who recognized the fact that the day after the Super Bowl can be a tricky one. Although it has been happening unofficially for decades, today, National Football Hangover Day is starting to gain traction simply by being named and acknowledged.

How to Celebrate National Football Hangover Day

If this old-but-new day seems like a good idea, then get ready to participate in National Football Hangover Day! Get on board with some ideas like these:

Call Off Work

Many people have a tendency to use National Football Hangover Day as an excuse to take a sick day or personal day from work. After all, it’s the middle of February when the world is cold and dark anyway, so who wants to get up and go to work? Especially if there were a few too many drinks during the game the night before!

Hold Special Events at Work

For those employers who are trying to keep their staff from calling in sick on the National Football Hangover Day, perhaps it would be a good idea to provide special motivation to those who do show up. Announce in advance that there will be special treats, drawings and prizes for those who attend work on this day. They could even be items that are themed around sports or football, to stick with the fun of the day.

Treat that Hangover

For people who don’t have the option to call in sick and sleep all day, don’t forget a few hangover cures that can be used. Try drinking fluids, eating carbs, drinking coffee and taking ibuprofen or aspirin (not Tylenol, though).

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