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Tender slices of roast beef piled high on a sliced baguette and dipped in flavorful juices from the roasting process? Yes please! It’s time for National French Dip Day!

History of National French Dip Day

The French Dip sandwich, though the name says otherwise, is an American invention. Since nothing of the sandwich is very close at all to any kind of French cuisine, it is assumed it was named after the style of bread that was used, which is, of course, French bread.

The sandwich is made of a long baguette, sliced in half, and piled high with tender roast beef or sometimes other meat options. The defining factor is the small bowl of au jus (bouillon-esque broth) that is served with it, into which the sandwich is meant to be dipped. Some people like to add a slice of Swiss cheese on top, just for some extra flavor and fun.

National French Dip Day was established to celebrate the beauty and simplicity of this tasty sandwich.

The inaugural celebration of National French Dip Day took place in 2018, when it was founded by Cole’s French Dip, a restaurant located in Los Angeles, California. Cole’s has been making these delicious sandwiches in LA since its opening in 1908. And establishing National French Dip Day was their way of celebrating their 110th anniversary. 

Another restaurant that is also in LA, called Philipe’s, was established the same year, in 1908, so it’s a little difficult to tell which was the original. But it’s likely that, having been in business so long, they’re both amazing.

Now it’s time to celebrate these juicy meat sandwiches that are served with a delightful cup of au jus on National French Dip Day!

How to Celebrate National French Dip Day 

Enjoy observing National French Dip Day in a variety of ways, including some of these ideas:

Enjoy a French Dip Sandwich

A delicious, and highly appropriate, way to celebrate National French Dip Day is to head out to a restaurant that serves these sandwiches and order one! Many different locally run restaurants might offer them, as well as some national chains such as the fast food chain, Arby’s or the deli restaurant chain, McAlister’s. Or it’s even possible to make them at home!

Visit Cole’s French Dip or Philipe’s in California

Head over to Los Angeles to get a taste of the French Dip sandwich that may just be the oldest in US history. Or, at the very least, it’s the one who founded National French Dip Day. Of course, while there, it would be a good idea to visit Philippe’s as well, just to compare and see which one is better.

Pro Tip: If planning a visit, it’s good to know that Cole’s is a bar, which means it is only open in the evenings and late into the night, and only those over the age of 21 are welcome. Philipe’s is a more family friendly place that is open early morning until late in the evening and anyone, of any age, is welcome.