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Cold, delicious soup can be a refreshing alternative and bring joy to any table or gathering. Keep things interesting and celebrate this unique soup on National Gazpacho Day!

History of National Gazpacho Day

A chilled vegetable soup with a tomato base, and roots in Spanish cuisine, gazpacho can be traced back to the region of Andalusia, Spain, where it was likely a food for peasants, vineyard laborers or shepherds. The name for the soup is likely derived from the Arabic term for “soaked bread”. This makes sense because originally gazpacho soup was likely made from stale bread that was soaked in vinegar and water, then pureed with a mortar and pestle. Of course, today, it is made very differently.

In addition to the tomatoes, vegetables and perhaps croutons, modern gazpacho recipes may also include ingredients such as chopped eggs, cucumber or bell pepper. Or they may be made slightly sweeter, with an almond base and including fruit like chopped grapes. Today’s recipes are usually made in a blender or food processor that purees the ingredients into a delicious, smooth texture.

Because this soup has been around for a long time, many variations on it exist, making it even more fun to celebrate due to its unique opportunities to get creative.

How to Celebrate National Gazpacho Day

Get in on the fun of this delightful day by celebrating with some interesting ideas:

Enjoy Eating Gazpacho

Celebrating days around food are always amazing and National Gazpacho Day is no exception! Enjoy a serving of this chilled soup, whether heading to a local Spanish restaurant that serves it or finding it at the deli counter of a local supermarket.

Try Making Gazpacho at Home

Those who are up for an adventure on National Gazpacho Day might want to head to the kitchen, get out that food processor and have a go at trying to make it! It’s actually a fairly simple soup to make, but don’t forget to begin early because it does require a bit of time to chill – around six hours or more.

Making the soup is pretty easy. Just grab some ripe tomatoes, cucumber, onions, peppers and garlic and throw them into the blender or food processor. Blend and then add vinegar, salt and olive oil until the texture is smooth and creamy. Strain, discard the solids and chill until ready to serve. Yum!

Throw a National Gazpacho Day Party

Show some love to this Spanish soup (and perhaps the entire culture) by throwing a party in honor of National Gazpacho Day! Of course, the gazpacho soup would be the guest of honor, but some other Spanish traditions and foods might be incorporated into the party as well.

Many different foods go well with gazpacho. Some other yummy dishes that can be served at a gathering in honor of the day might include crusty bread and croutons, spinach quiche, ham and cheese pastries, pasta salad or chicken skewers.

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