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Grab that husband, son, dad or boyfriend and give them a big old hug today. This is the day to show appreciation to all of those boys and men in your life by giving them a squeeze – because it’s National Girl Hug Boy Day!

History of National Girl Hug Boy Day

Hugs have probably been around since people started realizing how good it felt to wrap their arms around each other! Even some animals enjoy hugging, especially those in the primate family such as chimps, bonobos and orangutans.

Studies have shown that hugs make humans feel connected and loved, hugs give encouragement, and they are even good for physical health. And since women show a genetic predisposition to affection and touch and tend to hug more than men, National Girl Hug Boy Day just makes sense.

On this day, girls can lead the way by connecting with the boys they love in their lives, whether it’s a boyfriend or husband, grandpa or nephew, National Girl Hug Boy Day is just the time to seek out that embrace!

How to Celebrate National Girl Hug Boy Day

Welcome this day with open arms by celebrating National Girl Hug Boy Day and getting involved using some of these cuddly ideas:

Hug a Boy

Guys can be slippery and elusive when it comes to hugging – especially those teenaged sons or middle-school brothers. But don’t let that stop you on National Girl Hug Boy Day. Moms, sisters, aunts and grandmas can unite on this important day where boys are given an extra squeeze and cuddle just to show them how much they are loved. Hug a boy like it’s your job because, today, it actually is!

Remember Why Hugs are So Healthy

National Girl Hug Boy Day is the ideal time to be reminded (and then remind those boys!) about why hugs are so darn good for people. Here are some of the reasons why it’s healthy to give and receive hugs:

  • Hugs reduce stress hormones. Does Dad seem to be a bit stressed out? Well, give him a big hug! Studies have shown that the negative impact of the stress hormone cortisol can be decreased simply through hugging on a regular basis.
  • Hugs are heart healthy. High blood pressure is a common sign of many health problems including heart issues. Giving and getting hugs on a regular basis can help to reduce the blood pressure as well as the heart rate, leading to a healthier cardiovascular system.
  • Hugs can boost the immune system. Who knew that this one protector against illness could be so enjoyable?! People who hug on a regular basis may be better able to fight off illness as their immune systems may be stronger.
  • Hugs can reduce pain and fears. People who are struggling with physical pain or emotional health issues can all benefit from hugging. Touch treatment may help those who have chronic pain and also can make people feel supported which, in turn, has the possibility to mitigate fear.

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