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Looking for an excuse to get or give a hug? Well, look no further than Hug Holiday!

This day is the perfect one to show affection to family, friends and even pets that are within arm’s reach. Learn about the history of and how to celebrate Hug Holiday.

History of Hug Holiday

Founded by the Hugs for Health Foundation, this day was meant to promote awareness of the health benefits of hugs. The origins were specifically meant to promote health in the elderly but, of course, anyone can benefit from a hug!

The idea around Hug Holiday and the Hugs 4 Health foundation is related to their creed, which incorporates the belief that hugs nurture the human spirit as well as promoting a more positive outlook and enhancing the quality of a person’s life.

Scientific studies and research have shown that people who hug, and are hugged, tend to maintain healthier, happier lives.

So whether it’s a side hug around the shoulders or a full-on hug with a partner, take Hug Holiday as a reminder that hugging is a free and easy way to make the world a better place!

How to Celebrate Hug Holiday

Hug Holiday is probably one of the simplest and easiest days to enjoy, with fun and interesting ideas like these:

Give (and Get!) a Hug

One perfect way to start is by giving a hug (with permission) to a family member, friend or even a neighbor who wants a hug. The great thing about hugs is that they are often reciprocated, so giving a hug often means getting a hug in return!

Since this day was started to promote the benefits of hugs for seniors and elderly people, perhaps it would be a good day to head over to grandma or grandpa’s house to give them a hug. This not only lets them know how much they are loved, but can also help them be healthier too! 

Learn About the Health Benefits of Hugs 

One ideal activity for Hug Holiday is to get educated on the science behind the benefits of hugging. Consider some of these ways that research has shown hugs are able to promote health in humans:

  • Decrease of Cortisol

    As a stress hormone, too much cortisol can cause negative symptoms in the body, such as high blood pressure, fatigue, irritability, anxiety, depression, poor sleep and more. Hugging can reduce this.

  • Reduced Heart Rate and Blood Pressure

    Markers of heart disease, which is a number one killer, blood pressure and heart rate may be minimized through regular hugging.

  • Boosts Oxytocin

    Sometimes called the “love hormone”, this substance that can be released when hugging can promote weight loss, reduce stress, fight disease, lower blood pressure, reduce depression, fight disease and minimize fatigue. All from just a hug!

  • Promotes Immune System

    Not only can regular hugs help to prevent illness, but those who are ill and are hugged regularly have been shown to exhibit fewer symptoms than those who are not hugged.

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